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You get a superior teeth straightening experience designed with your needs in mind. It’s the future of oral care – within your reach.​



Comfort Sense™



  • Each individual treatment plan is prescribed, directed, and managed by a state-licensed doctor.​
  • Our doctors have straightened over 1 million Club member smiles worldwide. ​
  • 100% of our doctors have 5+ years of aligner therapy experience – a benefit to you.
  • Your custom treatment plan uses state-of-the-art aligner innovations including Smart Sculpt™ for absolute precision and Comfort Sense™ to safely and gradually move your teeth.
  • Our FDA-approved facility makes us the largest clear aligner manufacturer in the USA. ​
  • We hold 18 patents that help us create more comfortable treatment plans to straighten your smile in the shortest time possible.​
  • We're the only company offering a full line of products to keep your smile cleaner, brighter, and healthier.​

  • Get a new smile in as little as 4 months – not years – and start seeing results in as little as 60 days.*​
  • We protect your new smile for life with our Lifetime Smile Guarantee.*​
  • SmileDirectClub retainers keep your new smile intact and healthy – for a lower cost, and with no new office visit needed.​
  • Enjoy better oral hygiene without braces, wires, buttons, or attachments to block your brushing.​​
  • We'll never shave down your healthy teeth (IPR) to reduce crowding.​
  • Laser-cut aligners match the contour of your teeth for an improved fit at your gumline.​
  • Crystal-clear matte finish gives the aligners a more natural look.​
  • Our proprietary soft, medium, and firm aligner plastic progression eases your teeth more comfortably into place.
  • Three ways to get started – from home, at a SmileShop, or with a partner network dentist. Your choice.​
  • Two aligner schedules to choose from – 22 hours a day, or 10 continuous hours only at night.​
  • All aligners arrive at once – so there’s no wait to start your next set.​
  • Virtual Smile Check-ins with dental professionals – without mandatory office visits.
  • Our top-notch dental team is available 24/7 via text, video chat, email, or phone.​
  • Our app lets you track and manage your entire Smile Journey™.​
  • Our aligners cost as little as $3/day – that's up to 60% less than braces.*​
  • Make convenient monthly payments or an easy one-time payment.​
  • Financing is guaranteed – no credit checks or forms to fill out.​
  • We accept most major insurance plans as well as HSA, FSA, and CareCredit funds.​
  • Lifetime Smile Guarantee includes free aligner touch-ups if needed.*
  • Teeth whitening is included – so you can show off a smile that’s not just straighter, but brighter.


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Our clear aligners safely and effectively shift teeth in as little as 4-6 months – without monthly in-office visits, buttons, braces, or paying a fortune.

  Traditional Braces Traditonal Invisible Aligners
Treatment plan length* Average 4-6 months ? ?
Cost* $1950 Average $5600 Average $6000
Doctor-directed care


SmileDirectClub aligners are clear and look practically invisible.

Start-from-home option

Start-from-home option

Order an impression kit from home and mail it back to us, or get an in-person scan at a SmileShop.

Mandatory office visits

Mandatory office visits

Telehealth lets our doctors virtually review your tooth movement—without pulling you away from your busy day.

Regular virtual check-ins

Virtual check-ins

Virtual check-ins let us make sure teeth are moving according to the treatment plan.

24/7 support

24/7 support

You get unlimited access via chat, live video, phone, or email at no additional cost.

Tooth attachments

Tooth shaving and attachments

Our advanced aligner technology works without buttons or attachments on your teeth.

Nighttime-only option

Nighttime-only option

Wear your aligners for 10 continuous hours at night, and get the convenience of leaving them out during the day.

Financing with 100% approval

Financing with 100% approval

Financing is guaranteed, with no credit checks or paperwork to fill out.

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