Want a straighter smile, but don't want braces?

  • Our custom, clear aligners work in 4-6 months1
  • They cost 60% less2 than braces
  • Our downloadable presentation will help you talk to your parents about SmileDirectClub aligners
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1. How old are you?

2. Why are you thinking about straightening your teeth?

3. Have you worn braces or invisible aligners in the past?

4. What is your biggest smile concern?

5. Which of the images below best describes your teen’s teeth crowding?

6. Which of the images below best describes your teen’s teeth spacing?

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*Children under the age of 12 are not yet eligible for aligner treatment. Additionally, all adult teeth must be present.

Why you’ll love


Finish your treatment in 4–6 months.


We've helped over 1 million people get a smile they love.


No food restrictions. Just take out your aligners when you eat or drink.


SmileDirectClub aligners look invisible. And if you don’t want to wear them during the day, try SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligners™.

Why parents love SmileDirectClub:


One of our 250+ state-licensed doctors will oversee your treatment plan.


With our regular virtual check-ins, no one needs to leave work or school early.


Our aligners cost up to 60% less than braces. We offer a convenient payment plan. And we work with most major insurers.


Choose SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligners™, and the aligners never leave the house.

Find your fit

Get a new smile – and so much more.

From a young age, I refused to smile with my teeth. I was beyond embarrassed of my smile and did everything possible to hide it. I’m absolutely in love with my new smile and I couldn’t be more grateful for SmileDirectClub.

Nicole W., 16 years old
7-month treatment

My front tooth was cutting into my lip, and braces were going to cost $6500. My dad told me to wait until I was an adult, but my mom decided to find a way. SmileDirectClub has straightened my teeth and I don’t worry about getting braces as an adult.

Michaella C., 17 years old
5.5-month treatment
See her story >

I was able to pay for the treatment entirely myself. I had to work hard to pull it off, but it was absolutely worth it. I’m proud of my smile and how I got it! I’m now getting into modeling work thanks to an amazing smile. Thanks for everything!

Rainer D., 17 years old
7-month treatment

Straightening my smile has made me more confident about going off to college next year. Now I know I can show my beautiful smile and make lots of new friends.

Julia A., 17 years old
7-month treatment

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Need help talking with your parents? Use this.

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