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What is a crossbite?

A crossbite literally looks like some teeth are "crossed" - with some upper teeth sitting inside your lower teeth, rather than all of them sitting outside, as they should. Some are localized crossbite involving single pairs of teeth, while other crossbites are more complex and involve one or both entire sides of the mouth.

While they can be hereditary, crossbites can also be caused by overcrowded teeth, and by behaviors like thumbsucking.

A crossbite can cause your teeth to wear unevenly and chip, and lead to gum recession and even bone loss.

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Can SmileDirectClub handle crossbite correction?

Yes! Our clear aligners can be used to treat a localized crossbite. The end result will create a bite that's better for your teeth, gums and jaw. And your aligner treatment plan is developed and monitored by one of 250+ licensed dentists and orthodontists who all have experience providing crossbite correction.


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