Give your patients access to affordable, convenient teeth straightening.

Open your practice to the revenue-growing benefits of offering SmileDirectClub aligners to patients with mild-to-moderate malocclusion. Hundreds of dental practices and DSOs are already benefitting.

Give your patients access to affordable, convenient teeth straightening.

Open your practice to the revenue-growing benefits of offering SmileDirectClub aligners to patients with mild-to-moderate malocclusion. Hundreds of dental practices and DSOs are already benefitting.

Designed to work for you and your patients.

SmileDirectClub Partner Network Step 1 -3D Scan or Impressions icon with blurple background
1 short in-office visit to take a 3D scan or impressions.

SmileDirectClub Partner Network woman doctor blurple outlined icon
A SmileDirectClub-affiliated doctor reviews, approves, and prescribes treatment.

SmileDirectClub Partner Network Step 3 - Custom Aligners blurple icon
We make custom aligners and ship them, all at once, to your patient.

Virtual smile check-ins at SmileDirectClub blurple outlined icon
We track your patient's progress start to finish with regular, virtual Smile Check-ins™.

Lifetime of confidence with SmileDirectClub - blurple smiling mouth icon
Our Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ protects your patient's smile for life.

SmileDirectClub fits very well into the suite of services that we offer. Incorporating SmileDirectClub with our other treatments has been key to the success of patients getting better outcomes.

– Dr. Harvey Spencer Jr., DDS

SmileDirectClub Dr. Harvey Spencer showing a happy male teen a 3D image scan of his teeth

The results speak for themselves.

One of the reasons that I joined SmileDirectClub is because their treatment parameters matched my own. They’re concerned about treating only the patients that are true candidates for the aligners.

SmileDirectClub definitely is an option that allows us to fill chair time that might not be utilized. So we’re able to bring in patients who may come in initially asking for SmileDirectClub and then are able to talk to them about other issues. And they usually become patients of the practice.

It has been extremely easy for our staff to integrate SmileDirectClub into our workflow.

When I get a SmileDirectClub case, I look at all the records. I look at a 3D scan, the medical history, and photographs. I evaluate the severity of their malocclusion, and then I evaluate the movement plan to see if it’s going to give them a great outcome. And only if I believe the outcome for the patient and the patient’s health are going to be favorable, I approve the case.

Getting started is easy.

SmileDirectClub’s hybrid aligner model uses teledentistry to minimize chair time and maximize your patients’ experience.

  • No cost to join.​

  • Smooth integration into your office’s workflow.

  • No billing or collection headaches.

Why our partners are smiling.

“Our partnership with SmileDirectClub has given our supported doctors another tool in their armamentarium and increased new patient flow into their practices at the same time.”

Steve Bilt

CEO of Smile Brands

"I decided to partner with SmileDirectClub to offer my patients options to fit their budget and lifestyle. SDC gives our patients a chance to get the smile they’ve been dreaming about.”

Dr. Darren Ramsey

Build A Smile

“SmileDirectClub provides our patients with an affordable orthodontic option plus the chance to manage their care from home.”

Dr. Max Kerr

Vista Ridge Family Dentist

A Partner Network success story.

“SmileDirectClub empowers us with the tools to successfully integrate clear aligner treatment into our office and even provides marketing materials to enable our practice growth; it’s a true partnership packaged in a turnkey process.”

Dr. Loray Spencer

A Healthy Smile Dentistry

SDC Partner Network Dr. Loray Spencer smiling - rounded image with white semi-circle frame on bottom

SmileDirectClub Club Members Smile Journey Testimonials video cover

Make your revenue smile.

SmileDirectClub helps you grow your practice by providing a lucrative new service to meet a rising demand.

  • Increased revenue simply by working with SmileDirectClub.

  • New patients, plus more lifetime value for existing ones.

  • Ongoing support through marketing, sales, and events.

Dr. Drixel medium closeup shot - SDC Partner Network

The benefits are all yours.

As a partner, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Benefits include:

  • Inclusion in our referral network for patients needing dental work.

  • No case management or lab fees needed.

  • No additional fees or chair time.

Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer - SDC Chief Clinical Officer headshot with blurple name card

Safe and proven.

With SmileDirectClub, your patients receive doctor-directed care from start to finish. You can feel confident recommending SmileDirectClub because:

  • State-licensed doctors prescribe, direct, and manage each treatment plan.

  • Consistent monitoring of aligner tracking delivers more predictable tooth movement and greater clinical control of outcomes.

  • Our Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ protects new smiles for life.


We won Best TeleHealth Platform.

The MedTech Breakthrough Awards honor excellence and innovation in health and medical technology categories. We’re proud to earn this award.

SDC MedTech Breakthrough Award 2022 logo square badge

Meet our team.

Smiling Dentist Dr. S wearing gray t-shirt and a tie headshot

Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, DMD

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), leads SmileDirectClub's licensed dentists and orthodontists. Before joining SmileDirectClub, he ran his own dental practice for more than 30 years. As CCO of Smile DirectClub, Dr. Sulitzer carries on his passion for increasing access to premium, affordable oral care.

Smiling Dentist Dr. Robert K headshot

Dr. Robert Kreashko

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr. Robert Kreashko, DMD, is an orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics practitioner who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry. He maintained his own practice for more than 25 years before becoming a SmileDirectClub provider.

Smiling Dentist Dr. Gary Moore wearing white doctor coat and glasses headshot

Dr. Gary Moore

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Gary Moore, DDS, has more than 30 years of experience in oral care, including those in his private practice. He has overseen thousands of SmileDirectClub cases and enjoys the accessibility and strong patient engagement SmileDirectClub's innovation creates.

Woman Dentist Dr. Sandra Chan wearing white doctor coat headshot

Dr. Sandra Chan

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Sandra Chan, DDS, has treated patients for more than 30 years and maintains a private practice in addition to the patients she treats through SmileDirectClub. She particularly enjoys helping younger Club members.

Smiling Dentist Dr. Brian Nelson wearing blue t-shirt headshot

Dr. Brian Nelson

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Brian Nelson, DDS, is a graduate of Boston University School of Dental Medicine with his own private practice. He enjoys working with SmileDirectClub members both for the flexibility and accessibility the work provides.

Woman Dentist Ashley Maxwell wearing green blouse and red lips headshot

Ashley Maxwell

Registered Dental Assistant

Ashley Maxwell is an RDA with a background in traditional orthodontics, pediatric and oral surgery, and clear aligner treatment. She enjoys that SmileDirectClub treatment allows so many more people to achieve, access, and afford a smile they love.

Woman Dentist Ariel Hargis wearing glasses headshot

Ariel Hargis

Registered Dental Assistant

Ariel Hargis is an RDA who is passionate about helping others. She enjoys that every SmileDirectClub team member has the same goal – assisting Club members in achieving their dream smiles.

Woman Dentist Bridget Whitsitt wearing beige coat headshot

Bridget Whitsitt

Registered Dental Hygienist

Bridget Whitsitt is an RDH who joined SmileDirectClub to help others achieve a smile they love outside the confines of traditional dental offices. She loves working for a company with a goal to innovate in order to better serve its customers.

Our affiliations.

The Partner Network is an active participant in leading dental organizations. Working together, committed to increasing patient access to affordable, convenient dental care, and helping dental practitioners – entrepreneurs, women & minority-owned practices, and more – to successfully integrate clear aligner therapy to grow their businesses.

SmileDirectCub Partner Network featuring dental organizations affiliations logos

Clinical results and publications.

SDC joins the AACA - Partner Network publication
SmileDirectClub joins the American Academy of Clear Aligners

After retracting specific claims about SmileDirectClub from an article in its journal, the American Academy of Clear Aligners invited SDC to become a member.

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SmileDirectClub - Is it Good or Bad for the Industry?

Emmet Scott (Host) doesn't hold back asking tough and complex questions.

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Journal of Dental Research and Reports - SDC Partner Network publication
Teleorthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners

An analysis of outcome in treatment supervised by general practitioners versus orthodontic specialists.

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Inside Dentistry - SDC Partner Network publication
New Era in Patient Care with Clear Aligners

Doctors must build their practice around new patient expectations.

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SmileDirectCub Clinical Publication Love Being Back handwritten with two white hearts
New Era in Comprehensive Patient Care

Dr. Ataii talks about utilizing the hybrid aligner model and biocompatible direct restoration with patients.

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Compendium - SDC Partner Network publication
Assessing Impact of the Hybrid Aligner Model on Practice Growth and Evaluation of the Clinical Outcomes

This CEU webinar will review the clinical efficacy of the hybrid aligner model and discuss clinical cases for doctors and dental team members.

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Inside Dentistry - SDC Partner Network publication
Expanding Into Clear Aligners for Practice Growth

Learn from Partners Loray Spencer, DDS, and Harvey Spencer Jr DDS, on the benefits of the SmileDirectClub Partner Network.

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Learn the Secrets of Patient Facing Dental Marketing with CMO of Smile Direct Club, John Sheldon

Emmet Scott (Host) talks with John Sheldon, CMO, and considers the possibilities and power of marketing in the DSO industry.

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Inside Dentistry - SDC Partner Network publication
Partner Dentists Are Increasing Their Profits With SmileDirectClub

Network expands teledentistry options for patients and provides turnkey revenue stream for practices.

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Journal of Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, and Oral Radiology - SDC Partner Network publication
Clinical Study

Estimation of x-ray radiation related cancers in US dental offices: Is it worth the risk?

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Inside Dentistry - SDC Partner Network publication
DSO Expands Services to Rural Populations

SmileDirectClub Partner Network facilitates orthodontic treatment in underserved areas.

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Compendium - SDC Partner Network publication
SmileDirectClub Offers Clinicians Convenient Hybrid Approach to Providing Teeth Straightening

SmileDirectClub combines in-office dental care with telehealth convenience.

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The Voice of the DSO Industry

Learn about consumerization in healthcare, digital marketing hacks, SmileDirectClub myth busting, and more.

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Inside Dentistry - SDC Partner Network publication
Clear Aligner Therapy: How Dental Practices can Maintain Success in the New Era of Patient Care

A hybrid approach to dental care helps providers maintain success in a changing marketplace.

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Inside Dentistry - SDC Partner Network publication
The Impact of Aligner Therapy

Payam Ataii, DMD; Diana Batoon, DMD; and Robert Lowe, DDS discuss the changing landscape of orthodontics.

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