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Collaborative Model

Designed specifically for dentists who currently do not offer an orthodontic product to patients. No clear aligner experience is required, and providers are paired with an SDC-affiliated dental practice throughout treatment.


  • Impressions or scans taken in office during initial exam to get patient started with SDC.
  • Patient is then paired with an SDC-affiliated dentist or orthodontist through our teledentistry platform for remote dental clear aligner therapy.
  • Receive compensation for capturing the impression or scan.
  • No added chair time required after the initial appointment (oversight at discretion of dentist).
  • Leads provided by SmileDirectClub (e.g., patients who need dental work before starting treatment).
  • Leverage SmileDirectClub’s full marketing spend with personalized support for lead generation.

Office-Directed Model

Designed for orthodontists and dentists as a traditional in-office clear aligner product. Treatment plan is overseen by the qualifying orthodontist or dentist in the practice.


  • Impressions or scans taken in office.
  • Treatment plan created by orthodontist or dentist using SDC SmileCheck platform.
  • Requires in-office visits at your discretion, just like other clear aligner companies.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Free training on SmileCheck platform; no certification fees.
  • Leads provided by SmileDirectClub (e.g., patients who need dental work before starting treatment or patients who don’t qualify for remote clear aligner therapy).

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