Your schedule.

Your choice.

Here’s how SmileDirectClub helps deliver a smile you’ll love - safely, simply, and without monthly office visits.


Your schedule.

Your choice.

Here’s how SmileDirectClub helps deliver a smile you’ll love - safely, simply, and without monthly office visits.

3 simple steps to get started.

SmileDirectClub two ways to get started a 3d scan appointment in a smileshop or an at-home impression kit

Impression Kit or Scan, choose how you want to start your journey.

We make a 3D image of your teeth that lets us see what's going on and helps us design your custom treatment plan. There are 2 easy ways to make this image: You can visit a SmileShop for an in-person scan, or use our kit from home to create impressions you’ll send to us.

Dentist and woman customer looking at her smile 3D image in a SmileDirectClub Smileshop scan appointment

We create your customized treatment plan.

One of our state-licensed doctors will review your 3D image, photos, and medical history to prescribe and manage your custom aligner treatment plan. We use state-of-the-art aligner innovations including Smart Sculpt™ for precision planning and ComfortSense™ to gradually move your teeth. Choose a wear schedule that works best for you and your lifestyle – 22 hours per day, or 10 continuous hours only at night.

SDC Aligner SAO Box open with products outside and phone on the left + an aligner image on the right

Get your aligners and start your journey.

We’ll create your custom aligners and ship them to you all at once. You’ll have regular virtual Smile Check-ins™ and 24/7 access to our dental care team – all overseen by your prescribing doctor – so no need for mandatory in-office visits. Start seeing results in as little as 60 days.

And with our Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ your new smile is protected for life.

The results speak for themselves.

Going to the SmileShop was very convenient. I took 30 minutes out of my day, ran over, got my impressions done, and got my pictures taken.

SmileDirectClub members have direct access to me if needed. I’ve talked to many of my patients over the phone about their treatments, especially if they have questions about how their teeth are moving.

If I needed a consultation or to talk to anyone, I could just message them on my phone and I would get a reply right away.

SmileDirectClub is an easy system for the patient, and it’s very convenient. Everything is right there at their house, so they don’t have to take off extra time from work or school or their daily activities. It’s an affordable option as well.

The thing I liked about it the most was that I only needed to wear the aligners overnight. To me, that was a game-changer.

There’s a team of doctors that heavily follow each patient and guide them throughout their course of treatment.

So, not only was I happy that I could do the entire treatment from home, when I received the purple box, that was amazing. That was so well-thought-out, and the instructions were super clear, super easy.

Exclusive teen benefits

at no extra charge.

Free HD video chats, aligner replacement, and treatment notifications for parents. All this and more with your teen's new, straighter smile.

Asian woman smiling with colorful earrings holding a SmileDirectClub clear aligner near her mouth

With our telehealth platform, you're in control.

Smiling man at scan appointment in a SmileDirectClub SmileShop getting a 3D image scan

Book a free 3D scan at one of our SmileShops, or order an easy-to-use impression kit and get started from home.

top half of an iphone open to a club member profile page on smiledirectclub app

Track your progress online with your doctor from the comfort of home.

SmileDirectClub dentist having a telehealth smile Check-in appointment with a SDC customer in his office

Access our dental care team, 24/7, by phone, real-time chat, live video chat, or email.

State-licensed dentists and orthodontists.

From the start of your 3D treatment plan to smiling your way into retainers and beyond, our network of state-licensed dentists and orthodontists are with you the entire way.

Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer smiling and wearing a gray SmileDirectClub branded t-shirt headshot
smiledirectclub's lifetime smile guarantee purple logo

Your smile is protected for life.

  • If your doctor determines our aligners aren’t a good fit for you, we’ll refund the cost of your impression kit or scan.

  • If you’re unhappy with your treatment within the first 30 days, we’ll refund your cost 100%.

  • If your treatment needs an aligner touch-up, it’s free.

See full details at

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Ready. Set. Smile.

Take our free assessment to see if you're a candidate, and get started on your journey today.

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