Our Dentists

You can trust us with your smile.

Through our innovative online telehealth platform, every Club member’s clear aligner treatment plan is doctor-prescribed, doctor-directed, and doctor-managed from start to finish. 

Our Dentists

You can trust us with your smile.

Through our innovative online telehealth platform, every Club member’s clear aligner treatment plan is doctor-prescribed, doctor-directed, and doctor-managed from start to finish. 

Our Dental Network

Professional care delivered at your convenience.

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A network of licensed dentists & orthodontists.

Using our online telehealth platform, your state-licensed doctor will review your 3D images, photos and medical history in order to design and prescribe your aligner treatment plan. Then they’ll monitor your progress remotely, with regular virtual check-ins for the duration of your treatment.

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24-hour access to a dedicated Dental Care Team.

When you become a Club Member, you’ll have a dedicated care team overseeing your treatment, including your dentist or orthodontist, a registered dental assistant or registered dental hygienist and a dedicated care team. The team is available any time, day or night, by phone, email, video and chat.

The results speak for themselves.

I thought, wow, if I can do this at home without spending hours upon hours at the orthodontist’s office like I did with both my kids, why not give it a shot?

SmileDirectClub gives me all the tools I need to treat a case effectively. We look at photographs, 3D scans of the teeth, and the actual treatment plan of how the teeth will move.

We offer several orthodontic systems, but SmileDirectClub really is one of my favorite go-to options because it has faster movement. And it’s an easy system. We don’t have to worry about attachments or brackets or wires like some of the other systems use.

I chose SmileDirectClub because it definitely helps me on the road. Since I’m always very busy, you know, with practices and matches, I cannot go and see the dentist.

My criteria for patient care is above and beyond the standard of care. I want to make sure that my patients have access to everything available out there – to the newest technology, the best technology, and whatever is going to give them the best outcome.

Your questions answered

How is telehealth used for dentistry?

Is clear aligner treatment safe?

Will a real doctor actually lead my treatment?

Through SmileDirectClub, I’m able to give the level of care that I demand for my patients.

– Dr. Gary Moore, DDS

SmileDirectClub Dr. Gary Moore talking with a SDC Club member on his office

“With SmileDirectClub, you receive the same level of care from any treating dentist or orthodontist, with the convenience that comes with online access.”

Jeffrey Sulitzer, DMD, Chief Clinical Officer at SmileDirectClub.

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Meet our team.

Expert treatment, professional support, and peace of mind.

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Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, DMD

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), leads SmileDirectClub's licensed dentists and orthodontists. Before joining SmileDirectClub, he ran his own dental practice for more than 30 years. As CCO of Smile DirectClub, Dr. Sulitzer carries on his passion for increasing access to premium, affordable oral care.

Smiling Dentist Dr. Robert K headshot

Dr. Robert Kreashko

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr. Robert Kreashko, DMD, is an orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics practitioner who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry. He maintained his own practice for more than 25 years before becoming a SmileDirectClub provider.

Smiling Dentist Dr. Gary Moore wearing white doctor coat and glasses headshot

Dr. Gary Moore

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Gary Moore, DDS, has more than 30 years of experience in oral care, including those in his private practice. He has overseen thousands of SmileDirectClub cases and enjoys the accessibility and strong patient engagement SmileDirectClub's innovation creates.

Woman Dentist Dr. Sandra Chan wearing white doctor coat headshot

Dr. Sandra Chan

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Sandra Chan, DDS, has treated patients for more than 30 years and maintains a private practice in addition to the patients she treats through SmileDirectClub. She particularly enjoys helping younger Club members.

Smiling Dentist Dr. Brian Nelson wearing blue t-shirt headshot

Dr. Brian Nelson

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Brian Nelson, DDS, is a graduate of Boston University School of Dental Medicine with his own private practice. He enjoys working with SmileDirectClub members both for the flexibility and accessibility the work provides.

Woman Dentist Ashley Maxwell wearing green blouse and red lips headshot

Ashley Maxwell

Registered Dental Assistant

Ashley Maxwell is an RDA with a background in traditional orthodontics, pediatric and oral surgery, and clear aligner treatment. She enjoys that SmileDirectClub treatment allows so many more people to achieve, access, and afford a smile they love.

Woman Dentist Ariel Hargis wearing glasses headshot

Ariel Hargis

Registered Dental Assistant

Ariel Hargis is an RDA who is passionate about helping others. She enjoys that every SmileDirectClub team member has the same goal – assisting Club members in achieving their dream smiles.

Woman Dentist Bridget Whitsitt wearing beige coat headshot

Bridget Whitsitt

Registered Dental Hygienist

Bridget Whitsitt is an RDH who joined SmileDirectClub to help others achieve a smile they love outside the confines of traditional dental offices. She loves working for a company with a goal to innovate in order to better serve its customers.

Our mission

SmileDirectClub exists to help more people realize the life-changing potential of their smiles. We’re constantly working to find ways to make teeth straightening, whitening, cleaning, and care more accessible, convenient, and affordable for more people around the world.

Ready. Set. Smile.

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