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Telehealth lets us provide high-quality care, convenient treatment and trusted oversight—all without the overhead costs of an office visit. Our network of doctors uses the same care standards, imaging tools and technology you can find in most dentist and orthodontist’s offices. They just connect with you remotely using teledentistry, allowing you to skip the in-person office check-ins, and keep the professional oversight and peace of mind.


This is how teledentistry helps us straighten teeth for 60% less than braces** with no hidden costs or fees, and provides safe, convenient treatment for anyone with limited time or limited access to an orthodontist or dentist office.

Clear aligner treatment has been safely used to straighten teeth for more than 20 years. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are BPA-free plastic trays that fit snugly over teeth to gently shift them into the desired position. SmileDirectClub clear aligner therapy includes several sets of custom-made aligners, worn for 1 to 2 weeks at a time to gently shift your teeth into desired position. This process takes, on average, four to six months.


Each aligner will make slight adjustments to tooth position, advancing you to the next stage of your new smile. The process is mapped out in advance, and a SmileDirectClub-affiliated, state-licensed licensed dentist or orthodontist oversees each Club Member’s case. Every set of clear aligners in your plan is shipped to you all at once. If Club Members follow their prescription and wear their aligners as directed, they will see optimal results.


To maintain a healthy smile, we ask that you see your regular dentist for cleanings and checkups before, during and after clear aligner treatment.

Every aspect of clear aligner treatment with SmileDirectClub—from the creation of the treatment plan through the retention phase—is prescribed and managed by an assigned state-licensed dentist or orthodontist.


The doctors in SmileDirectClub’s network are held to the same standard of care as at a physical practice. After receiving the 3D images captured at a SmileShop or through an at-home impression kit, the licensed dentist or orthodontist determines the patient’s eligibility for treatment and reviews any necessary X-rays, dental records, and required clearances from the patient’s regular dentist before prescribing a custom treatment plan.


Similar to physical dental practice, SmileDirectClub’s Dental Team is available for support 24/7/365 by phone, email, chat and video to answer any questions and concerns about treatment, and to connect Club Members to their assigned dentist or orthodontist for follow-up care.

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Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, DMD
Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer, Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), leads SmileDirectClub's licensed dentists and orthodontists. Before joining SmileDirectClub, he ran his own dental practice for more than 30 years. As CCO of Smile DirectClub Dr. Sulitzer carries on his passion for increasing access to premium, affordable oral care.


Dr. Robert Kreashko
Doctor of Medical Dentistry

Dr. Kreashko is an orthodontics & dentofacial orthopedics practitioner who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry. He maintained his own practice for more than 25 years before becoming a SmileDirectClub provider.


Dr. Gary Moore
Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Gary Moore, DDS, has more than 30 years of experience in oral care, including those in his private practice. He has overseen thousands of SmileDirectClub cases and enjoys the accessibility and strong patient engagement SDC’s innovation creates.


Dr. Sandra Chan
Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Sandra Chan, DDS, has treated patients for more than 30 years and maintains a private practice in addition to the patients she treats through SmileDirectClub. She particularly enjoys helping younger Club Members.


Dr. Brian Nelson
Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Brian Nelson, DDS, is a graduate of Boston University School of Dental Medicine with his own private practice. He enjoys working with SmileDirectClub members both for the flexibility and accessibility the work provides.


Ashley Maxwell
Registered Dental Assistant

Ashley is an RDA with a background in traditional orthodontics, pediatric and oral surgery, and clear aligner treatment. She enjoys that SmileDirectClub treatment allows so many more people to achieve, access, and afford a smile they love.


Ariel Hargis
Registered Dental Assistant

Ariel is an RDA who is passionate about helping others. She enjoys that every SmileDirectClub team member has the same goal—assisting Club members in achieving their dream smiles.


Bridget Whitsitt
Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Bridget is an RDH who joined SmileDirectClub to help others achieve a smile they love outside the confines of traditional dental offices. She loves working for a company with a goal to innovate in order to better serve its customers.

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