Pricing for everyone. 

We believe that a smile you love shouldn't cost a fortune. Get SmileDirectClub aligners for half the cost of braces.



Pricing for everyone. 

We believe that a smile you love shouldn't cost a fortune. Get SmileDirectClub aligners for half the cost of braces.


Two easy ways to pay.

Both options include 24/7 access to care and our Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ at no additional cost.


Pay Monthly

  • Convenient monthly payments.

  • No credit checks. No forms to fill out. 100% approval.

  • Pay a $299 deposit then $135/month for 24 months for a total of $3539. Includes 2 sets of retainers after you complete your treatment.


Single Pay


  • Pay even less with an easy one-time payment of $3149.

Fast or flexible, it's your choice.

Want your new smile as soon as possible for a big event? Or would you rather free up your day and wear your aligners only at night? Choose the option that fits your life - both are half the cost of braces.


brunette woman smiling in bed holding a smiledirectclub nighttime clear aligner
SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligners™

Wear time: 10 hours of continuous nighttime wear.

Avg. treatment time: 8-10 months.


Advantage: Easy on your daily routine.

A brunette woman in a gray sweater smiling and holding a smiledirectclub clear aligner near her mouth
SmileDirectClub Fulltime Aligners

Wear time: Full time (except when eating or drinking).

Avg. treatment time: 4-6 months.


Advantage: Get results sooner.

Your complete Smile Journey™ cost.

brunette man in plaid shirt placing smiledirectclub impression tray to his bottom teeth

Make a good impression

When you buy SmileDirectClub aligners, we'll send you a kit to capture HD impressions of your teeth. We then design your custom Smile Prescription™, which is reviewed and approved by an Australian registered dentist or orthodontist.

SmileDirectClub aligner SAO box open with products outside and phone with App screen

Two easy ways to pay

Use SmilePay™ to make easy monthly payments of $135/month or less for 24 months with a $299 deposit ($3539 total).

 Or pay even less with a simple, one-time payment of $3149



Retainers cost $195 a set (upper and lower). Wear them at night when your treatment plan is complete to keep your new smile in place. Order a new set every 6 months to keep them fresh.

smiledirectclub's lifetime smile guarantee purple logo

Your smile is protected for life.

  • Order your aligners with ZERO risk and if you aren't 100% satisfied, you can return your aligners for a full refund before your first monthly payment is due.

  • If your dentist determines our aligners aren’t a good fit for you, we’ll refund the cost of your purchase.

  • If your smile needs a touch-up, it’s free.

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Ready. Set. Smile.

Download our app to see your new smile in minutes, and discover how teeth straightening can work for you.

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