Clear Aligner Health Warnings

Things we have to say

If you experience any serious adverse effects using this product, immediately seek medical assistance.

This device has been custom-made for a particular individual and is intended for use only by that individual.

As always, we’ll be here for you the entire time. Call us at 1800 515 198.

Now go forth with smiles and grins.

This product is not to be used by patients with the following conditions:

Severe open bite, severe overjet, severe overbite, tooth malocclusion requiring surgical correction, patients with mixed dentition (patients with both infant and adult teeth), adolescent patients with a skeletally narrow jaw, patients with dental prosthetics or dental implants, patients with periodontal disease, patients with active tooth decay or dental caries, patients with missing teeth, and patients with permanent retainers.

Warnings: In rare instances, some people may be allergic to the plastic aligner material or any other item material included. If this happens to you, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional immediately. Orthodontic appliances or parts of the appliances may be accidentally swallowed or aspirated and may be harmful. Product may cause soft tissue irritation.

Last Revised: September 2022