Choose smile.

Your smile is a powerful tool when it comes to changing your mind and body. This tiny space from ear to ear gives you a lot of control. Keep reading to learn how you can take hold of the way you’re feeling by choosing to smile.

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Smiling woman with bangs and beige blouse with purple circle in front of her face - Boost

Give your brain a boost.

Did you know that smiling releases dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin in your brain? Each substance acts as a natural pain reliever and mood elevator that enhances your overall well-being.

Smiling woman with bangs and purple semi circle frame in front - Optimism

More smiles = more happiness.

Your mood is directly related to your actions. The more you flex your smile muscles, the more chemicals your brain releases, and the happier you are.

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Change your perspective.

Smiling for 30 seconds at a time, a few times each day, keeps you upbeat and energized, helps you avoid burnout, and ensures your outlook remains positive. It’s one thing that changes everything.

See how, and why, our Club members choose smile.

Meet Barbara - SmileDirectClub Club member testimonial headshot
Meet barbara.

She spent her whole life loving and living for her family, so she wanted to do something just for herself. She knew there was no better day than today to choose smile. We agree.

Meet Chamani - SmileDirectClub Club member testimonial headshot
Meet chamani.

After straightening her teeth, she had the confidence to ask for a promotion at work and kick a bad habit. Now she can’t stop smiling. It’s the one thing that changed everything.

Meet Gus - SmileDirectClub Club member testimonial headshot
Meet gus.

Before he straightened his teeth, he was self-conscious. Now, he loves to smile. Plus, treatment allowed him to prove to his parents that he was responsible enough for aligners.


Start your Smile Journey today.

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