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Your Wedding Beauty Timeline

You’re going to say ‘I Do’ in 12 months. Here’s a plan for getting gorgeous for the big day

You’re engaged! Congratulations, now it’s time to start planning your wedding. Pulling together the details of one of the biggest days of your life feels overwhelming, because you have to pick everything from a date to a venue to a hairstyle. We can make part of your organizing easier: We have a plan for getting your smile perfect in time for those wedding photos. Follow these steps to build your confidence before the big day so you can smile wide when you say “I do.”

1 year before your wedding day

Time to start your Smile JourneyTM! Your soon-to-be spouse already loves you just as you are. But it’s your wedding day, and all eyes will be on you. You’ll look back on these pictures forever, so you want to look your best.

Visit your local SmileShop for a 3D scan of your mouth, or order an impression kit so you can make molds of your teeth from home. From your scan or impressions, a 3D image of your teeth is created that will be used to make a customized treatment plan. You’ll be able to preview your new smile just a few days after you return your impressions or get a 3D scan.

Pick your aligner wear schedule. We offer aligners you wear for 22 hours a day, or Nighttime AlignersTM that you wear 10 consecutive hours overnight. You can select a preference, but your treating doctor will decide which is right for you. Our typical customers straighten their teeth in as little as 4–6 months,1 but you can start now, so you won’t need to worry about wearing aligners on your big day.

Order the aligners your treating doctor has prescribed for you. We’ll create, pack, and ship them directly to you.

11 months before your wedding day

Open your big blurple box. Most aligners arrive within 4 weeks of placing your order.

Order our Smile Journey Premium Starter Kit. This comes with the supplies you need to help make your Smile Journey easier. The kit includes a smile spaTM Ultrasonic and UV Cleaning Machine for your aligners, an electric toothbrush, lip balm, a travel bag, dental floss, and a travel-sized tube of our whitening toothpaste.

Take “before” photos of your teeth. Snap some selfies with your phone. You can use these to see the improvements in your teeth as you go through treatment.

Start wearing the aligners, as prescribed, as soon as they arrive. They may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but a little pressure is normal. If you have any questions, we have your back 24/7. Contact our Customer Care or Dental team via our app, phone, chat, email, or video chat for any assistance you need.

10 months before your wedding day

Continue wearing your aligners as you’ve been instructed. If you’re on the 22-hour plan, that’s all day and night, every day, except when you are eating and drinking. If you’re wearing Nighttime Aligners, put those aligners in your mouth a few hours before you go to bed and don’t take them out until you wake up the next morning. Every night. No skips.

9 months before your wedding day

You’ll have your first Smile Check-inTM via SmileDirectClub’s telehealth platformThis is a virtual check-in with your treating doctor, where you’ll submit photos of your teeth you take with your smartphone. Your doctor will look at the photos to make sure your teeth are moving into place and your treatment is on track. After this, you’ll continue to have check-ins throughout your treatment.

Show off your smile. Ask your friends if they notice how much better your smile looks. Compliments can inspire you to keep snapping in those aligners each day.

Get great skin to go with your great teeth. Make an appointment with a dermatologist to amp up your routine for clear, radiant skin.

7 months before your wedding day

Notice the big changes in your teeth. Most Club members start seeing results in as few as 90 days.2 You might be done with aligners in a month or less from now, depending on your plan. Every smile is different, and every treatment plan is unique.

Get a Pop-Up Water Flosser to keep your teeth super clean and healthy. It’s travel-sized, just 5 inches high when closed, and cordless so you can take it with you to floss your teeth with water after meals. Perfect to pack with you on your wedding day or honeymoon. It’s 50% more effective than string floss.3

Shop for your wedding clothes. Whether you’re buying a gown or a suit, it’s going to take some time to find the perfect outfit for your big day. You’ll need to choose your clothes and most likely get them altered for a perfect fit. Don’t forget accessories! Start looking for the shoes, jewelry, and little extras that will make your wedding day attire perfect.

6 months before your wedding day

Maintain your new smile by ordering retainers. You may be done or almost done with your aligner treatment, and you’ll definitely want to keep that new smile. Retainers keep your teeth from moving back into their old positions, so don’t forget to order them.

Wear your retainers all day and all night for the first 2 weeks. Keep those teeth from moving. After the initial 2 weeks, you’ll just have to wear your retainers each night to keep your teeth from shifting back to where they used to be.

Do your first whitening treatment. Now that your teeth are straight, let’s get them bright white. Our Pro Whitening System gets teeth up to 9 shades whiter in just 1 week.4 It’s a 3-step process that preps, whitens, and protects your teeth. This kit comes with two 1-week treatments.

Book your wedding week beauty appointments. Make a date with your hair stylist, a makeup artist, and a manicurist to get yourself gorgeous.

3 months before your wedding day

Do another whitening treatment. Get that smile even whiter for your big day. 

Keep your teeth white with Stain Barrier. Brush it on to create an invisible shield that will protect your teeth from discoloration caused by coffee, red wine, tea, or soda. Keep this pen-sized applicator in your purse and apply Stain Barrier throughout the day to keep your teeth white and bright. Each application lasts up to 4 hours, and it takes just seconds to apply.

Keep wearing your retainers. Every night, without fail.

1 month before your wedding day

Retainers. You know the drill by now. Wear them nightly. 

Get a haircut and color, if hair color’s your thing. You don’t want to be experimenting with highlights or color too close to your big day. You also don’t want to get a bad cut too close to the big day, either. Try things now, so you can change anything you don’t like.

Do a makeup test run. For those wearing makeup, it’s time to choose your lipstick color, decide if you’re wearing false eyelashes, and, if so, what length. Get your makeup artist to do you up and snap some test photos to see if you like the look.

1 week before your wedding

You’re so close! Breathe, you got this.

Do some touch-up whitening with our Fast-dissolving Whitening StripsThese strips dissolve in 15 minutes, so no need to swish with water or wipe off any excess product. You can stick the strips on your teeth before you go to bed, and they’ll whiten your teeth while you sleep. You’ve got a lot to deal with this week, so keep the whitening routine simple.

Get a facial. Get your skin glowing. And stay away from any peels. You don’t want red, irritated skin on your big day.

3 days before your wedding

Get a manicure and pedicure. It should last for 2 weeks, so you’ll look good for your wedding as well as your honeymoon.

Exfoliate and moisturize your face. Keep that glow.

Get plenty of rest.

Drink lots of water.

Be in the moment. Don’t get so busy with the work of the wedding planning that you forget to feel the joy that comes in the days before your nuptials.

The big day

Drink lots of water. Hydration makes you look good and feel good.

Eat a good breakfast. It’s your big day, and you’ll need a good meal to get through all the excitement.

Smile. Show off that beautiful smile you worked so hard for.


1Typical SmileDirectClub treatment plans are 4–6 months. See for details. Results may vary.

2“As few as 90 days” claim is based on survey results with customers who were in treatment with SmileDirectClub 22-hour-wear clear aligners where 98% said they saw movement within the first 90 days.

3“50% more effective” claim is based on a comparison against string floss after 14 days where water flossing was found to be 50% more effective for improving gum health (reduction in gingival bleeding). Results from independent study, data on file.

4Average results when used as directed. Results may vary.


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