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World Smile Day: What’s Making Us Smile?

It’s the week of World Smile Day, and we’re celebrating our faces off! We’ve really got something to cheer about. After all, smiles are our mission! We work every day to bring you and others just like you access to a smile you’ll love.

Our team is incredible. We’re a mix of passionate, talented team members with different skill sets and varied resumes, all working together to give you the best possible experience. To make World Smile Day come to life this year, we’d like to introduce you to a few of our team members who’ve made your smile their mission.

Meet Stephanie, from our Center of Excellence

What makes you smile?

Music, my puppy, and seeing other people smile!

How does your job help you bring smiles to others?

Whether I’m managing our processes or assisting our customer care team in answering customer questions, I’m able to ensure our customers have a positive, hassle-free process. When everything goes smoothly, we all win!

What advice do you have to share on World Smile Day?

You never know what a smile can do for someone! Pay it forward. Your smile brings smiles to others’ faces! It can change the world. In the words of William Ward, “A smile is the universal language of kindness.”

And here’s Michael, our Operations Specialist

What makes you smile?

Friends, family and hockey.

How does your job help you bring smiles to others?

I look out for errors so our customers get the correct aligners in a timely manner so they get the smile they want.

What advice do you have to share on World Smile Day?

Smile more! Do something you love and be goofy!

And finally Alex, one of our Talent Acquisition Managers

What makes you smile?

Oh man, so many choices! A good book, a great cup of coffee, board game nights, and definitely my friends.

How does your job help you bring smiles to others?

I am one of the Talent Acquisition Mangers for the SmileShop team. I am directly involved in finding great Managers and SmileGuides. My goal is to put the best team together so that our customers have the best experience possible! When you have a great team with a great personality, everything else just takes care of itself!

What advice do you have to share on World Smile Day?

Take a few moments to enjoy the small-but-wonderful things throughout your day. The smell of fresh coffee, the feel of that cool breeze blowing, the sound of the birds outside, and the sight of the clouds floating by! Also, take a moment to compliment your coworker or that random stranger on something! All it takes is a compliment to change someone else’s day. When you speak positivity, you create positivity and we are all better for it!

What’s making you smile leading up to World Smile Day? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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