When You Smile: Behind the scenes of the new SmileDirectClub song and commercial

The confidence of a smile is beautiful. Our customers and team members share the story behind the new SmileDirectClub commercial and original song, “When You Smile.”

What makes you feel beautiful?

For Graci Phillips, it’s laughing. For Nick Cormier, it’s seeing his friends pursue their dreams and reach their goals. For Jess Rice, it’s confidence.

“Everyone has their own brand of beautiful,” says SmileDirectClub employee Jordan Barnum. “It may not look like what we expect or have been conditioned to believe, but it is there in everyone.”

This value, along with working every day to help people love their smiles, inspired Jordan to write a song entitled “When You Smile.”

He always had a line or two of the song in his head that he would hum to himself, but the song really came to life during a SmileDirectClub team-building activity. “In a last-minute moment of inspiration, I decided to finish writing the song.”

Jordan didn’t know that the rough cut shot on his smartphone with co-workers would eventually turn into a full-production broadcast spot that millions of people would see.


“The original video simply featured members of my team naturally bursting into smiles and laughter in their own way, with the song playing in the background,” he says. “It was simple, and beautiful, but nothing that I ever imagined would be featured on live TV.”

We were so inspired by the song that we decided to turn it into a commercial. Jordan headed into the studio to record his very first song, and we asked several of our team members and customers to be a part of it, including Amy Wilson.

Amy was a SmileDirectClub customer who loved the product and the company so much that she applied to work here so she could help others smile as big as she does now. She never could’ve imagined she’d be confident enough to show off her smile on national TV.

“I’m so happy to be in a place where the thought of being in a tooth-related anything doesn’t make me cringe,” Amy says. “For years I resented anything that drew attention to my face too much because I was self-conscious about my smile – I always thought it made me look unprofessional and not put together. I love being able to smile big now!”

Nashville-based chef and restaurateur Jess Rice was also excited to share her smile with anyone who is considering SmileDirectClub for themselves. “I smile constantly, so investing the effort into making sure my teeth were looking as great as possible was a no-brainer for me,” she says. “I hope others find confidence in their new grins. I hope the confidence that comes with their new smiles leads them to discover a hundred other reasons to smile on a daily basis!”


SmileDirectClub customer and full-time independent musician Graci Phillips hopes everyone who sees the video and hears the song will take this as a sign to do something for themselves.

“You can do this! You can afford this!” Graci says. “I never thought I’d have the chance (or the finances) to straighten my teeth — SmileDirectClub is a game changer. Invest in yourself. You’ll be happy you did!”

SmileDirectClub has helped 300,000 customers get a smile they love – and we’re only just getting started. Now’s the time to be the person you always dreamed of being.

when you smile

“There is so much joy in life, and being able to enjoy every bit of it without holding back is a dream,” Graci says. “I have always felt like people who love life and love to laugh are magnetic, and now with the confidence of beautiful straight teeth, I can be that person too!”

No matter what beauty means to you, the confidence of a smile can change someone’s day – and we think it can change the world, too.

“When you have confidence in yourself, you are then empowered to ‘show your beautiful’ in any and every aspect of life,” Jordan says. “That’s what the song and SmileDirectClub are all about.”

Listen to the full version of “When You Smile” here:

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