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What is the SmileDirectClub Club Warranty?

How SmileDirectClub works to ensure you get the smile you’ll love.

As the pioneer of doctor-directed aligner therapy, SmileDirectClub has helped more than 1,000,000 happy grinners smile confidently. Our customers get a straighter smile in as soon as 4-6 months. Each customer receives a 3D smile plan that shows how their teeth will move, month by month, when wearing SmileDirectClub aligners as directed. And as a member of the Club, if at the end of your plan you don’t love your smile, our SmileDirectClub warranty is here to help you out.

How does the Club Warranty work?

If at the end of your smile plan, you’ve followed the guidelines but haven’t achieved your desired smile, contact us so your state-licensed dentist or orthodontist can look into a Touch-up. You could be eligible for Touch-up if you:

  • Wear your aligners as prescribed and only remove when eating or drinking anything other than cool water.
  • Register your aligners.
  • Respond to virtual check-ins from your doctor by sending an email with the requested photos.

If your Touch-up is approved, you may be eligible for additional aligners to continue your smile journey. Don’t forget: Reach out to us within 30 days of completing your smile plan for the warranty to remain valid. Give us a call at 800-848-7566  or send an email to

Updated September 9, 2020
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