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What happens after you complete a scan or impression kit?

You recently completed your 3D scan at a SmileShop, or you mailed back your impression kit to us. Now you’re probably wondering, what’s next? That straight smile you’ve always dreamed of is only a few steps away! Here’s what to expect as you begin your journey toward your beautiful new grin.

1. We build a 3D image of your teeth.

One of our licensed dental professionals uses the impressions of your mouth or the 3D image from your SmileShop scan to see exactly what’s going on. They build an individualized smile plan to straighten your teeth, month by month, moving each tooth like a puzzle. Then, the licensed dentist or orthodontist assigned to you will review your new smile (and also check in with you remotely every 90 days to make sure your teeth are moving according to plan). And did we mention, the average smile plan lasts just 6 months?

2. We’ll share a preview of your new smile.

Within 7–10 business days of receiving your impressions or scan image, we’ll send you a preview of your new smile showing how your teeth will transform. Log in to your SmileDirectClub account to look at your 3D plan. You can even move the image and check out each angle of your new smile! Once you approve your plan, we’ll get your custom invisible aligners into production.

3. We ship your invisible aligners directly to you.

Your invisible aligners are as unique to you as a fingerprint. We ship them directly to you, cutting the cost a full 60% compared to other teeth straightening options. We’ll send all the aligners in your plan up front, so you don’t need to worry if you move or travel in the midst of your plan. Plus, we’ll send our bright on™ premium teeth whitening so you can show off those pearly whites.

4. Wear your aligners all day and night, except for eating and drinking.

Wear your aligners as prescribed all day and night. Remove them when eating and drinking anything except water. Use your Movemints to ensure your aligners are the most comfortable fit. We also suggest cleaning them regularly with soap and water to keep them fresh.

5. Your doctor or orthodontist will check in remotely every 90 days.

At-home doesn’t mean you’re on your own. A duly licensed dentist or orthodontist will guide you each step of the way. Our clear braces are doctor-directed, not DIY. Check-ins help monitor your progress and keep everything moving according to plan. You can always reach out to our Customer Care team via email, phone, or chat at any time: 800-688-4010.

6. Enjoy your new smile!

Once you complete your plan, smile! Enjoy that grin. Feel free to order touch-up whitening at any time through your account. And don’t forget to purchase your retainers to keep your straight smile in place.

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