What daily life is like during your Smile Journey™

As a Club member, you wear your aligners in one of two ways: with our SmileDirectClub Aligners™, worn 22 hours per day, or with Nighttime Aligners™, which move your teeth while you sleep. Your doctor chose the right schedule for you at the beginning of your treatment, and with either, you’ll end up with a smile that you’ll be excited to show off.

Here’s some information and tips on how to wear your aligners on each treatment plan.

SmileDirectClub Aligners

“How many hours a day should I wear my aligners?” is one of the first questions Club members ask. If you’ve started your treatment with SmileDirectClub Aligners, you already know that the answer to that is 22 hours a day. You also know that they need to be removed for meals, snacks and coffee — anytime you eat or drink anything that’s not water. SmileDirectClub recommends wearing these aligners as much as possible, and not removing them until the very last moment before eating or drinking.

Once you are sitting down to eat or enjoying that morning cup of coffee, there’s no need to put them back in between bites or sips. Those breaks when your aligners are out of your mouth account for the two hours of each day when your aligners aren’t in your mouth. Keep your travel kit handy so you can brush your teeth and pop your aligners back in as soon as possible.

Obviously, life happens. A long, lingering meal with friends could last a few hours, or maybe you have a work even to attend. We completely understand. Just know that wearing the aligners for the full 22 hours, as much as possible, will yield the best results. You can achieve a smile you love in 4 to 6 months with proper wear.

Most importantly, try not to make a habit of keeping your aligners out for long periods of time. If you do find yourself falling short for multiple days, just call us. Our support teams are available 24/7 via phone, email, or chat.

Nighttime Aligners

If your doctor prescribes SmileDirectClub’s Nighttime Aligners, you’re wearing them for 10 hours each night, without removing them. The goal is for your Nighttime Aligners to do the bulk of their work while you’re asleep.

Since most people don’t get a full 10-hours of sleep a night, pop them in an hour before bedtime, and remove them after showering or getting dressed in the morning. Then you’re done for the day.

SmileDirectClub experts are here to guide you in your journey to a confident smile. If you have questions, they’re available to chat with you anytime as you progress through your treatment.

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