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What can I expect during my SmileDirectClub treatment?

Learn more about how your SmileDirectClub treatment works and what you can expect throughout your smile journey with invisible aligners.

1. You’ll receive a doctor’s guidance every step of the way.

Every SmileDirectClub customer is assigned a dentist or orthodontist licensed where they live who specializes in invisible aligner therapy. Once you complete your 3D scan or impression kit, your doctor will remotely assess your individual case – including your medical and dental history – and determine if SmileDirectClub invisible aligners are right for you. You’ll receive your personalized smile plan, a 3D image of how your new smile will look and change month by month throughout your treatment.

Your doctor will oversee your new smile, and every 90 days you’ll be able to check in with them when you log in to your account. Reach out to our dental team at any time by phone or through your online account.

Learn more about the doctors behind your smile here.

2. Your teeth might feel a bit, well, weird.

It’s okay for your teeth to feel somewhat strange. Your invisible aligners are gently moving them over time into your beautiful new smile. Mild pain or feeling uncomfortable is normal. Think of this like a good workout. Some slight soreness is normal, expected, and a sign that changes are happening. (And if you don’t experience pain, that’s normal, too.)

Check out these at-home remedies to alleviate pain while wearing invisible aligners.

3. You might cut back on your coffee intake.

You’ll be wearing your invisible aligners all day and night, except when eating and drinking anything other than cool water. That constant flow of joe throughout the day could become a thing of the past. Whenever you take out your aligners for a drink or snack, be sure to rinse them off and brush your teeth before putting them back in. And if you do still manage to keep up your coffee habit, use our bright on™ premium teeth whitening to get your teeth back to their whitest white in just 1 week.

4. Your dental hygiene will improve.

Now that you’re brushing your teeth after every meal and flossing each night, your teeth are about to get a whole lot healthier. You could also use a mouth rinse to help prevent or control tooth decay, reduce plaque, and prevent gingivitis. Stick to a clear mouthwash, as the colored ones could affect your whitened teeth.

Your aligners need some TLC every once in a while, too. Soak them in a mixture of warm water and gentle liquid soap for 20–30 minutes. Then rinse your aligners clean. Voilà.

Click here for 5 easy ways to clean your aligners.

5. Your aligner fit may need some adjusting.

There are differences between each new set of aligners and your current tooth position, so sometimes your new aligners might not seem to fit your teeth quite right. Use your included Chewies to help with this. Just chew on them like a piece of gum, moving them from one side of your teeth to the other, to make sure your aligners fit properly.

Here are a few other things that might happen wearing aligners that are totally normal.

6. You’ll want to get retainers at the end of your smile plan.

As with any orthodontic treatment, wearing retainers after you finish your smile plan is a must. Retainers help preserve the new grin you’ve worked so hard to achieve. SmileDirectClub custom retainers are invisible, BPA-free plastic trays made to last about 6 months. You’ll wear them all day and night for the first 2 weeks, and then only at night after that.

Click here to order your retainers.

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