Ultimate gift guide for every personality type

Not sure what to get the people on your holiday shopping list? Find the perfect present based on their personality.

You are dedicated to finding the right holiday present for everyone on your list, but honestly, you’re running out of gift ideas. Finding good gifts – the type that let the recipients know you really, really get them – is hard. SmileDirectClub has your back. We put together a list of ideas based on personality type that will help you find a fitting gift for everyone, from your bestie to your boss.

The Star of the Show

This extrovert is loud, proud, and in charge and happiest when they’re the center of attention. Give your favorite social butterfly a gift that will keep them in the spotlight: a Clip-on Selfie Light. This handy-dandy light is like a pro lighting studio for the pocket. Your attention-loving pal can clip it on their phone and snap selfies that are pure glamour. With the Clip-on Selfie Light, they’ll always be ready for their closeup.

The Organized One

We all have at least one Type A pal. They’re the Monica in your group, the one who totally has it together, the one who has Marie Kondo-ed their entire home and arranged their clothes by color. Give your fastidious friend a Trackable Aligner Case Powered by Tile. While they are far too organized to ever misplace their case, they’ll get tremendous satisfaction from knowing they have control over its location at all times.

SmileDirectClub aligner case

The Empath

You love this friend because they’re such a good listener and they always understand how you’re feeling. They actually seem to feel what you feel, a rarity in this cold world. Give your super-sensitive pal a tube of Sensitivity Premium Fluoride Toothpaste to protect their sensitive smile. It strengthens and hardens tooh enamel and stops the discomfort of sensitive teeth. Because while you can’t protect their tender heart, you can protect their tender teeth.

SmileDirectClub toothpaste

The Dreamer

You know this person, the one with their eyes on the stars. They have active minds, think big thoughts, and can see the future more clearly than the present. Give your dreamy friend an Electric Toothbrush so their mind can wander to idyllic places while they do the mundane job of cleaning their teeth. Our brush comes with a quadrant timer that will tell your dreamy bestie when to move the brush around their mouth so they won’t miss any teeth and have cavities crash their daydreams.

The Multitasker

This busy bee has a side hustle to their side hustle and is always pusshing themselves to take on many things at once. They leave the rest of us in awe of their energy, ambition, and ability to do it all. They are machines of productivity, able to help the kids with homework while cooking dinner and answering emails from work. Give the multitasker in your life a smile spa™ Ultrasonic + UV Cleaner which will clean their aligners, toothbrush heads, and retainers automatically, no hand scrubbing needed. The smile spa’s ultrasonic waves and UV rays do the work so your hyper-busy friend can juggle a few more tasks.

SmileDirectClub smile spa

The Professional

This is the person who’s dressed for the C-suite. Their shoes match their purse, they get twice monthly mani-pedis, and they never, ever have a bad hair day. They’re so polished they even iron their jeans on weekends. Your elegant friend needs a gleaming white smile to complete their promotion-perfect look, so give them the Pro Whitening System. This kit will make their teeth twice as white in just 1 week. Nothing says “I’m boss material” like a bright, white smile.

SmileDirectClub Pro Whitening

SmileDirectClub can help you deliver a dream smile to everyone on your holiday list. We’ve got something for everyone. Best of all, you can shop without leaving home.



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