wearing aligners at concerts and music festivals

Tips for wearing aligners at concerts and music festivals

Take on concerts and music festivals this summer with confidence.

Summer fun and straighter teeth aren’t mutually exclusive. If you’ve got aligners and a summer calendar full of music festivals, concerts, or other all-day events where eating and drinking are on the agenda (and clean, private bathrooms are at a minimum), it’s important to be prepared.

Here’s what you need to know before heading off to a concert or music festival in your invisible aligners. Get ready to rock on.

1. Bring a bag to store your case.

Whether it’s a small purse with a zipper, a generously sized fanny pack, or a drawstring backpack, make sure to bring some sort of bag to stash your aligner case and a few small essentials (see below). Nothing will ruin a festival faster than realizing you accidentally threw away your aligners with your sweet potato fries.

2. Bring an empty water bottle.

Most music festivals will let you bring in an empty water bottle to fill up once you’re inside. You’ll save on overpriced bottled water that you’ll need in order to rinse after meals or snacks and drinks.

3. Pack a few mini disposable toothbrushes.

When you can’t full-on brush and floss, a disposable toothbrush will do the trick until you get home and can give your teeth a deep clean. Just rinse, brush, rinse again and pop your aligners back into place after eating or drinking. Don’t forget a few Movemints and a floss pick in case you need to clean out stubborn bits of food. The only thing worse than food stuck in your teeth all day is food stuck in your aligners all day.

4. Sip on water.

You’re likely either outside in the blazing sun or packed into a hot, crowded room. Drink water. Since you can’t eat or drink anything other than cool water anyway while wearing aligners, stay hydrated and sip on water throughout the day/night. (And no, that does not include vodka sodas.) Drinking anything other than water while wearing your aligners can cause cavities and damage your aligners. Grabbing a drink or snack? Pop your aligners out and store them safely in their case inside your bag – not in your pocket or in a handful of napkins.

5. Don’t stress.

Don’t worry about who will see you popping out your aligners or brushing with a disposable toothbrush. What’s most important is keeping your teeth healthy and keeping your new smile on track. So embrace your invisible aligners with the confidence of your favorite artists on stage. In an average of 4-6 months,1 when you’re showing off that new grin, you’ll be glad you did.

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1 “4-6 months” claim is based on the number of 22 hour wear customer orders (approx. 95%) with treatment plans that are 4, 5, or 6 months.

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