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Tiffany’s journey from shy stylist to confident girl boss 

How one young mom transformed from painfully shy to self-assured business owner. 

After years of insecurity, Tiffany finally got a smile she loves with SmileDirectClub, plus newfound confidence that helps her embrace the woman she was born to be. 

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Growing up 

Tiffany, 23, is now a wife and mom to her 3-year-old daughter, Adeline. But 6 years ago, as a high school junior, her life looked quite different. 

“I had no friends because I was so reserved and held myself back from making any, mostly because I totally believed I didn’t deserve any,” Tiffany says. 

Things got so bad that the painfully shy student convinced her parents to pull her out of school so that she could do independent study at home. She missed out on opportunities and relationships because she was too shy to pursue them, and she lacked the confidence to help her go for it. Part of Tiffany’s social anxiety stemmed from her mouth and her teeth. Without a smile she felt proud of, she had a really hard time talking to people. 

“[Before starting independent study] I had an English teacher who always let me eat lunch with her in her classroom, and I remember wondering if I would ever be as funny and nice and pretty and successful as she was,” Tiffany says.

Ready for a change 

Tiffany wore traditional metal braces for years, including throughout high school, and later had an expander and retainer. But when she lost her retainer, her teeth shifted back to exactly how they were before braces. Tiffany recounts how her mouth was super narrow, with crowded bottom teeth and teeth on the top that stuck out. 

“I was just so unhappy with them,” she says. “It’s what everyone sees when they’re talking to you.” 

She couldn’t stand looking at her smile, and she felt like there was nothing she could do about it. 

But after having her daughter years ago, Tiffany decided it was time to make a change for herself – starting with her smile. Tiffany visited her local dentist’s office and asked about clear aligner treatment. After being quoted $8000 for treatment, Tiffany was apprehensive. She also knew her treatment could take a year or longer, and she might have to have attachments or buttons on her aligners to get the change she was looking for. 

So when Tiffany saw an Instagram ad for SmileDirectClub that said she could get a straighter smile in 6 months for a much lower price than she expected, she immediately knew she had to check it out. No brackets or wires, no inconvenient office visits, and less than half the price of other aligners – it seemed too good to be true. 

Starting her smile journey 

Tiffany went online and ordered an easy, remote impression kit. She was able to make impressions of her smile and send them to SmileDirectClub’s, all from the comfort of her own home. She found the experience especially convenient with her daughter being only a few months old at the time. 

Once Tiffany saw her 3D smile plan, she was hooked. She ordered her aligners right awayand they all arrived at her doorstep just a few weeks later. After only 4 months, Tiffany’s crooked smile was no more. She had a smile she felt truly proud of and was able to look in the mirror with confidence for the first time. 

And of course, whenever she needed help or had questions throughout treatment, Tiffany was able to email or call SmileDirectClub directly.  

“It was super easy – I didn’t have to go to any offices,” she says. “All I wondered is, ‘Why didn’t I do this earlier?’” 

More to smile about 

Based in Utah, Tiffany spends her days working at the local children’s salon. She’s always loved doing her own hair, trying out different colors and styles. 

“Within a month or two of finishing my aligners, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or because I believed in myself more and liked myself more, I became the manager at the salon,” Tiffany says. 

Her ultimate goal is to help kids, like her own, become more confident. She knows she wouldn’t be able to do the job she does now if she didn’t like herself first. 

“Because I’m more confident, it makes these kids more confident in themselves.” 

Tiffany now happily talks to people and smiles much more, and she’s stopped trying to keep her mouth closed. She loves spending time with her family, teaching her kids to grow up to love themselves. 

Through her confidence journey, Tiffany started her own business making and selling children’s bows, named after her daughter: Adeline’s Bow Line. Her bows are sold at 9 different children’s salons in the area. Tiffany meets with the salon owners in person to talk to them, something she never would have felt comfortable doing before. She attends conferences, hosting her own booth and showing strangers her bows – all with a big smile on her face. 

“I knew that if I wanted a life to be proud of, I had to learn to believe that I could do anything I dreamed of,” she says. “In order to do that, I had to love myself first. Without SmileDirectClub I wouldn’t have been able to completely be the person that I am and am still striving to be. I’m thankful for my smile and all the new things I have to smile about.” 

Want to get a confident, bright smile like Tiffany? Schedule a free 3D image at your local SmileShop to get started today. 

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