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Things you need to know before you start SmileDirectClub

You’re ready to straighten that smile, but you still have questions. Like, how does SmileDirectClub work, anyway? We understand. At SmileDirectClub, we want you to feel as confident with our aligners as you will be with your new smile.

First, SmileDirectClub aligners are a series of doctor-directed, custom-fitting plastic trays that help straighten teeth that need mild to moderate adjustment, for half the cost of braces.1 And our average treatment time is 4-6 months.2

Here’s what else you should know about using our clear aligners.

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1. SmileDirectClub is a great fit for many: Our aligners work best for mild to moderate concerns.

SmileDirectClub aligners are designed for minor to moderate crowding, spacing, and general alignment concerns. The aligners can fit over wisdom teeth, crowns and fillings. But if you just had a crown put in, you may want to wait a few months before popping in aligners.

Also, aligners won’t shift implanted teeth (which are screwed to the bone and can’t move). Our aligners are for anyone 12 and up — you must have all your adult teeth. We also recommend a good cleaning from your local dentist, and filling any cavities, before using aligners.

2. You’ll start with a 3D image.

To create your custom treatment plan, we need to see your current smile. You can schedule a free, 30-minute appointment at one of our SmileShops, or you can make your own impressions with an Impression Kit. This image is used to create your treatment plan, which is reviewed and approved by the state licensed dentist or orthodontist overseeing your case.

3. You’ll get a sneak peek of your new smile.

Within about 72 hours, you’ll receive a preview of what your new smile will look like. You can log into your SmileDirectClub account or hop onto our app for a 3D view. You can get a complete view of how your teeth will move over the course of your treatment.

4. You’ll be assigned a state licensed dentist or orthodontist.

We work with a network of over 250 dentists and orthodontists, and each Club member is assigned one who is licensed where you live. This doctor will oversee your new smile and will schedule regular virtual check-ins with you. During treatment, you can talk to our Dental team or your doctor directly if you have any concerns.

5. Wearing aligners takes some adjustment — and care.

How long does SmileDirectClub take? We get that one a lot. You’ll wear aligners 22 hours a day (or 10 consecutive hours if you’re using Nighttime Aligners™). The average treatment time for aligners is 4-6 months, or 10 for Nighttime Aligners™.3 You may feel some soreness when you first use new aligners, just as you might feel sore after using new muscles at the gym — that’s expected.

You can eat whatever you want, just remove the aligners before doing so or before drinking anything other than water. Brush your teeth before you pop them back in. You’ll need to clean your aligners, but we make that pretty easy.

6. You need to finish the whole treatment plan.

Maybe you’ve hit month three, and your teeth don’t seem to have shifted much. Everyone’s smile journey is different and some Club members may see movement sooner than others. If you’re ever worried, you can always give us a call and we can make sure you’re on track.

7. Retainers keep everything in place long-term.

After aligners have finished, you’ll wear a retainer to keep everything in place. Otherwise, teeth naturally want to shift back to their original spot. After two weeks of round-the-clock wear, you’ll keep the retainer in only at night. Like the aligners, retainers are clear and cleanable. We recommend replacing them every six months or so.

8. You still need regular dental checkups.

Despite all our fancy technology and skilled dental experts on-call 24/7, we don’t have the ability to clean teeth or fill a cavity from afar. You’ll want to keep your twice-yearly checkup and cleaning schedule as you would even without SmileDirectClub aligners.

“There’s more success with tooth movement when there’s better periodontal health,” Dr. Sulitzer says.

Your dentist can help ensure nothing seems out of place and keep your new smile healthy and glowing.

9. SmileDirectClub comes with 24/7 support from our Customer Care team.

We’re with you for your entire treatment plan. Our Customer Care team is ready to help via chat, email, phone and social media 24/7. They can take your questions, listen to your concerns and hear out your SmileDirectClub reviews. Whatever is on your mind, we’re here for you.

Take it from Rachel J.:

“Customer care is outstanding. Phone calls answered very quickly and very helpful staff. Emails also answered very quickly. I received my invisible aligners and started my journey to straighter and whiter teeth (I also got complimentary whitening gel, which I could use with my aligners! Super easy). Customer care emailed me every time my aligners needed to be changed, so I never forgot. The time flew by and now my teeth look so much better than they did before. Bonus … Nobody knew I was wearing them!

“I’ve had a lot of compliments about how great my smile is. I would highly recommend SmileDirectClub to anyone wanting to improve their smile.”

Ready to get straight teeth for 60% less than traditional braces? Get started today with our free Smile Assessment!

1 Half the cost of braces” claim based on Single Pay vs. avg. fees (incl. diagnostics and exams) for braces treatment, as reported in a nat’l survey of orthodontists. Comparison does not include added costs, such as retainers, and is limited to mild-to-moderate teeth correction, as braces may treat additional issues.

2 “4-6 months” claim is based on the number of 22 hour wear customer orders (approx. 95%) with treatment plans that are 4, 5, or 6 months.

3 “10 months with 10 hours of continuous nighttime wear” claim is based on the number of 10-hour Nighttime Aligners™ customer orders (approx. 95%) with treatment plans that are 8-12 months. Results may vary.

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