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The SmileBus experience

We’re straightening teeth for up to 60% less than traditional braces in your neighborhood.

We have SmileShops across the country, with new locations opening every week. You can also visit our traveling SmileBus for the mobile SmileShop experience. You’ll be able to talk to members of our team, getting up close and personal with SmileDirectClub. You’ll get a 3D image of your mouth that will then be used to create custom invisible aligners to straighten your teeth.

What’s a 3D image?

smile direct club smile bus scan

We’re bringing the SmileShop experience to you with our pop-up SmileBus. Your SmileBus 3D image with one of our experienced SmileGuides only takes 30 minutes, and for a limited time, it’s also free. We’ll even send you home with some bright on™️ premium teeth whitening so you can jump-start your new smile.

The SmileGuide will use a handheld 3D camera that takes 6000 photos per second to create a digital map of your smile. They’ll glide the camera over your teeth to make sure they capture every part of your smile. You can actually see the shape of each of your teeth on the screen beside you as they’re being recorded.

What happens after the 3D scan?

smile direct club bus smile guides

Your image results are sent to a state-licensed dentist or orthodontist in our network who will evaluate your smile remotely. Within 72 hours, the doctor overseeing you will then review and approve your personal smile plan, which will show you how your teeth will shift month by month. You’ll see the length of your smile plan, your personal wear schedule, and how your smile will look at the end of your new smile journey.

After you purchase your aligners, you’ll receive every set of aligners shipped right to your doorstep. Wear your aligners all day and night except when eating and drinking anything other than water. And don’t forget to keep using your bright on. You’ll be on your way to a straighter, brighter smile before you know it.

Upcoming SmileBus stops

Follow along on our Twitter account, @SDCSmileBus, for the latest stops and updates.

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