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The Essentials: Skincare Tips for Flawless Bridal Beauty

Updated May 2018

As every bride and wedding expert will tell you, when a wedding is in the works, preparation and planning make for a much more relaxed and memorable dream day — the same is true for your beauty routine. We’ve shared expert tips on bridal makeup and getting enviable forever photos.

We’ve also shown you that getting a straight, bright smile by your wedding day is totally possible with SmileDirectClub invisible aligners. In fact, the average customer sees results in just 6 months!

Read on as we outline the steps to give your skin a vibrant, happy glow for the big day.

  • If you have a professional you see for facials, stick with the same person. If not, read reviews and ask friends for their recommendations.
  • Remember to avoid dark beverages and foods that stain: dark teas, red wine, coffee, berries. Green tea is good for your diet and research has shown it has a variety of health benefits, so ditch the soda and pick green tea. Drinking lots of water is a great choice, too — get in the H20 habit.
  • Include healthy vitamins in your diet and supplement when needed. Multi-vitamins and omega oils are excellent for your overall health and your skin.
  • Add a good overall body moisturizer to your daily routine. Apply to arms, legs, and neck.
  • For sunscreen, choose a higher quality brand with SPF 30 or higher. Read reviews online and choose the best personal fit. Some are good for day, and others are best for evening. These can help skin stay clear and hydrated. Cover ears, lip, and neck as well as face.
  • Use lip balm (with sunscreen in it!) daily.

Four months and counting

If you have a history of acne or skincare issues, schedule a dermatology appointment four months out.

  • Acne and pimples can disappear soon, but they can also last more than eight weeks. If your doctor recommends acne medication, be sure to get started months out and follow directions.
  • Test new products 3 to 4 months from the big day in case any cause redness or breakouts.
  • Test exfoliants and products with salicylic acid to clear pores. A weekly regimen is good once you are about two months from the big day.

One month before the wedding

  • Plastic surgeons recommend that if a bride or attendants plan on visiting a professional for Botox, Restalyne, or other in-office wrinkle treatments, set the appointment one month to three weeks before the wedding.
  • Avoid chemical peels done within one month of your wedding day. These can cause redness, allergic reactions, and irritation that will need to heal.

Two weeks to go

  • Do an at-home facial or mask if you have used them successfully in the past or have tested four months out. Steaming a few minutes before application will make it absorb more effectively.
  • Do a spray tan trial. Test the color that is best for you and note any streaking. If desired, repeat two days before the event.

One week out

  • Plan facial and body waxing, as well as tweezing, a week prior for skin to calm. Don’t apply makeup 24 hours following the procedure.

24 hours before the “I do’s”

  • First, breathe. Turn on your favorite meditation app. Fifteen minutes of quiet a few times today will put a smile on your beautiful face.
  • Apply a body scrub and moisturize your face and body after showering. Don’t forget to dab your lip balm on before you hit the hay.
  • Look at the ingredients in what you eat and avoid a lot of sodium. Less salt means less puffiness for tomorrow.
  • No matter how much you prepare, pimples can still happen. Try soaking cotton pads with chamomile tea (in fridge for a few minutes) and apply. Then gently wash with warm water. Some beauty experts swear that creamy toothpaste (no gel) can work wonders.

Time to review your wedding calendar. Try scheduling your skincare regimen on the same days you switch to a new set of your invisible aligners to make both easier to remember.

After taking your free smile assessment online, you can have the new smile of your dreams at a cost that’s a full 60% less than other teeth-straightening options. Best of all, with SmileDirectClub you get accessibility and convenience, all under the care of a duly licensed dentist or orthodontist, which is much easier on your impressive wedding checklist.

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