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Take care of all your dental issues before beginning SmileDirectClub

With SmileDirectClub, you can get straight teeth in months and more affordably than other orthodontic solutions. But before we send you aligners to give you the smile of your dreams, it’s best to see a local dentist.

“Before beginning your teeth straightening journey with SmileDirectClub, it’s important to resolve any underlying dental issues,” says Dr. Payam Ataii, one of the affiliated dentists in SmileDirectClub’s network. “This will ensure that your teeth are strong and ready for movement.”

Your local dentist is key to your Smile JourneyTM

You will want your teeth healthy before you begin treatment. The best way to ensure your teeth are in top shape is with regular cleanings with your local dentist. Your dentist will look out for any concerns, like gum disease, and take care of any dental work you might need.

Crowns and fillings – often used by dentists to deal with cavities or cracked teeth – can affect the way SmileDirectClub aligners fit. “You’ll need to get these treatments done before straightening your teeth,” Dr. Ataii says.

SmileDirectClub and wisdom teeth

 A lot of people ask: Can you get SmileDirectClub with wisdom teeth? Every mouth is different. Getting wisdom teeth removed is common for many people. Even if they aren’t bothering you, many dentists recommend pulling them to prevent future problems like crowding, bite issues, periodontal disease, inflamed or bleeding gums, and cavities. Wisdom teeth can be a wild card. If your local dentist recommends removing them, you should do that before starting your SmileDirectClub treatment.

Don’t have a local dentist? We’ll help you find one. We can connect you to one of thousands of dentists across the country in our Partner Network so you can get in-person dental care near you. You’ll be able to schedule regular teeth cleanings and exams to keep your teeth healthy throughout your Smile Journey and beyond.

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