how to take the perfect after selfie

How to take an Instagram-worthy “after” selfie

Step up your selfie game with these tips, perfect for showing off your new smile.

You’ve made it to the end of your smile journey, time to celebrate and share your smile with the world – or at least with your friends and family on social media. Show off that new grin with the perfect “after” photo. These 7 tips will help you take an epic selfie to show off your straight, beautiful new smile.

1. Get the right lighting for your selfie.

Good lighting is everything. So ideally, you’ll want plenty of natural light to take the perfect selfie. Set up in front of a window so the light is hitting your face – not coming in from behind you. Or head outside. Overcast skies or in the shade is best because direct sunlight can be harsh in photos.

2. Keep it simple.

Find a background that isn’t too busy and is free of clutter.

3. Be yourself.

Make the moment unique to you and show off your personality. Add a few accessories. Find a cool backdrop. Incorporate a pop of your favorite color. While you don’t want your selfie to be too busy, you still want it to feel authentic to you, so have some fun with it.

4. Bring in a prop.

Feeling shy? Pose with your pet. Add a coffee cup. Cameo a cute succulent. A nice prop will add visual interest and ground your shot.

5. Flash those pearly whites.

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6. Do a similar look as your “before” photo.

If you plan on doing a side-by-side before and after, keep the two shots consistent. Maybe style your hair a similar way, frame the photo the same, and do a similar beauty look so the focus is on your beautiful new smile – not a dramatic smokey eye or bold lip color.

how to take the perfect after selfie before afters

7. Don’t over-filter.

Your teeth are bright and straight. You’re feelin’ yourself. We get it, it’s tempting to go a little overboard on filters. But don’t over-edit your after photo. A drastically filtered photo can easily come off as fake, and that new grin is all real.

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