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Smiling with Lesha of LivingLesh

Philadelphia style blogger Lesha of LivingLesh is our kind of girl.

Confident, intelligent, and disinterested in the world’s definition of the perfect smile, Lesha shows that any and every smile is beautiful as long as you love it. For this reason, we met up with Lesha at our Philadelphia SmileShop this month to talk about her blog, past experience with braces, and why she reached out to SmileDirectClub in the first place. Check out our interview below to learn why Lesha believes self-love should be your first love!

Hi, Lesha! We had such a good time with you at our SmileShop in Philly. You’re so stylish and confident in who you are! How would you describe your blog, LivingLesh?

Thank you! LivingLesh is a Philly-based fashion and lifestyle blog. It is a blog that aims to show women how to put together their dream wardrobe without spending hundreds of dollars on one outfit. LivingLesh also features posts regarding life when stumbling through your 20s and how to do it flawlessly.

What inspired your career as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and when and where did your blog begin?

Late in college, I started helping my friends and some family members shop for their wardrobe and showing them how to save money doing it. With my love for fashion and my background as an English major, I combined both of my passions and started my fashion blog in 2015. As the blog grew, I wanted not only to share my passion for style but also to share the different experiences that I was going through after leaving college and starting out on my “adult life.”

In three words, describe the followers of LivingLesh.

Stylish. Real. Life-Loving.

Whose smile has had the biggest impact on who you are today?

I would say my sister’s smile has had the biggest impact. My sister had braces before I did, and after the process she had the most beautiful smile – still does. I thought that since we went to the same orthodontist and did the same process, we would end up with the same results. That wasn’t true. But I know that I can get the smile that I want by going along this smile journey.

What about SmileDirectClub makes you most excited?

I love that SmileDirectClub promotes confidence. The minute that I started along the journey, it was all about building upon the confidence and starting along a journey with other like-minded people. Every time I receive an email about how my journey is progressing through, there is a connection to building confidence and taking this as a step to a better smile.

Did you have metal braces as a kid?

I did, and it was horrible. I just remember all of the different steps that I had to go through and all the painful contraptions they put in my mouth. And then when they installed the braces, I just remember food getting stuck and the inside of my mouth always being cut up from the metal brackets.

What do your followers find most attractive about SmileDirectClub?

My followers are very excited about the ease of the experience. Many of us don’t like the process of going to the orthodontist and having to sit in the waiting room only to hear that the plan is going to cost about US$6,000. Things can be done at home or at a SmileShop that is close, convenient, and quick.

How do you expect to feel after your new smile journey with SmileDirectClub?

I’m expecting to feel that new boost of confidence. I’ve been so upset with my smile after my teeth shifted again, and now that I can improve upon my smile, I know that the confidence I had with my smile before will return. I’m excited to try these invisible aligners instead of putting metal brackets back in my mouth.

What should people expect from a scan session?

Expect convenience, efficiency, and for you to be a part of the process. When I went for my scan experience in Philadelphia, I was fully informed about how everything was going to go. Having an awareness of how the process runs is like you are taking some sort of control of it all. Then with the quick and relaxing scan, I was able to get through the entire experience within 30 minutes so that I could get back to my day. There was no long wait and no long processes.

What advice would you give those who feel they’d benefit from a smile they love?

I would advise that they do it on their own time and make sure that they are doing it for themselves. I have a cousin who has a gap in her teeth and many people told her to get it fixed, but she loves her smile and she has chosen to keep it. And I’m so proud of her for that. Get your smile to where you want it to be and be happy with it.

Thanks, Lesha! And thanks for the photography, Stephanie Vasiliadis. Be sure to follow LivingLesh and keep in touch with her latest style tips featured regularly on Instagram.


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