SmileDirectClub’s Partner Network

If you think SmileDirectClub means you’re on your own when it comes to creating your new smile, think again.

An option that’s right for you

While many club members choose to use our Impression Kit to get their custom-made aligner, that’s just one of three options to get you started.

You can also visit one of our SmileShops for a free in-person 3D image, which will be used to create your treatment plan.

And now there’s a third option: Going to one of the 1,500+ dentists and orthodontists in SmileDirectClub’s Partner Network. These doctors partner with SmileDirectClub to help provide clear aligner therapy to customers. These doctors will get you started on your Smile Journey™ right in their office. The doctors can be found throughout the country and can give you personalized advice and guidance to give you more confidence before starting your treatment.

Why choose the Partner Network?

Visiting a dentist in our Partner Network is a great way to establish care with a local dentist and an easy way to ensure your teeth are healthy throughout your journey. With the Partner Network, there are even more locations for you to choose from, so it’s more convenient than ever to get started with an in-person visit.

By using a dentist or orthodontist in our Partner Network, you get the same benefits, and a personal touch. They’ll take a 3D image or impression of your teeth in their office, talk through your options, and explain how the treatment works.

And then SmileDirectClub takes it from there, coming up with an individualized treatment plan just for you. Aligners are still sent directly to you. They’re not sold to your dentist, so there are no hidden mark ups to cost you extra.

And you can visit one of these dentists with confidence that you’ll get great dental care throughout your treatment with SmileDirectClub, and long after, too. Your oral health is always important and even more so while you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

You’ll be under SmileDirectClub’s care for your aligner treatment. Your individual treatment plan will be prescribed, directed, and managed by a state-licensed doctor. Your check ins will be virtual through SmileDirectClub’s teledentistry platform. You won’t have to go in to any office for follow up office visits regarding your aligners, but you can set up regular cleaning appointments with your Partner Network doctor.

However you would like to start off your Smile Journey, SmileDirectClub has an option for you. A full list of participating Partner Network doctors will be available soon.

If you are a provider and would like to learn more about joining our Partner Network, please check out our website here.

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