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SmileDirectClub’s Top 3 Glam Bag Necessities of 2017

The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards is Sunday, February 12, which leads us to dream of nothing else but the whitening of our own teeth, the whiteness of celebrities’ teeth, and, of course, those famous goodie bags. Sure, what’s known as the extravagant “swag bag” usually includes high-end hair styling tools tucked behind a $200 box of chocolate. But we also love the messy bun, and chocolate isn’t the best food for our white teeth! While it’s probably true that celebrities will receive thousands of dollars’ worth of luxurious items this weekend, we can’t help but imagine how our own glam bag would give A-list stars a winning smile.


Because our aligners are invisible, stars can show off their lipstick without drawing attention to the new smile process. We already love Glossier for their awesome Instagram account. But we also love their Generation G lipstick line because of its clean application. (The shades are on point.) For example, Like, a light powdery pink shade, is perfect for lunch with friends, while Jam, a deep magenta, is destined for a long night on the red carpet.

Whitening Gel

We understand celebrities need straight and white teeth to feel camera-ready. So of course, when they order their SmileDirectClub impression kits, we send them 3 months of premium whitening gel to help show off those pearly whites. Psst: we do the same for you.


Nothing distracts from a pretty face more than a pair of sunglasses that distorts it! Luckily, shopping for the right pair isn’t as daunting as it seems. If your face is round like celebrity Jennifer Lawrence, go for geometric-shaped shades. For square faces, you’ll need a pair of modern cat eye sunglasses to look like Rihanna. Those with heart-shaped sunglasses look stunning in bottom-heavy shades (just look at Reese Witherspoon). Then there’s the oval-shaped beauties like Jessica Alba, who can pull off any shape but arguably look best in over sized aviators.

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