SmileDirectClub’s Confidence Council

Straight teeth and a healthy smile are a slam dunk for self-confidence. That’s why SmileDirectClub is ringing in the New Year by unveiling its new Confidence Council, featuring celebrity ambassadors Jonathan Van Ness, Tunde Oyeneyin, and Arielle Vandenberg, who will highlight the life-changing power of confidence.

“I know the power of a transformation, and loving your smile is a great first step towards boosting your confidence,” says Van Ness, star of the Netflix Queer Eye reboot and founder of JVN Hair. “I am personally excited to be starting my own journey with SmileDirectClub and can’t wait to see how my new smile impacts my own self-confidence.” 

Spreading confidence through smiles 

Oyeneyin knows firsthand how confidence changes one’s life. The Peloton trainer became a famous fitness expert once she learned to believe in herself. “As I learned from my own experience, when you shed the doubt, step into your own power, and own that power, you will prevail,” she says. “I believe confidence is a skill, not a trait, which is why I am honored to be partnering with SmileDirectClub to spread confidence around the world. I believe that a smile can have a transformational power on your self-confidence.”

Vandenberg,actor, comedian, and host of reality TV show Love Island, says she loves celebrating beauty and confidence. “If you believe in what you are doing and you’re passionate about it, that’s truly what will show and what people will gravitate towards,” she says. “Always remember to smile and put yourself out there, as a smile and confidence are always key!” 

SmileDirectClub puts a great smile within everybody’s reach 

Since launching in 2014, SmileDirectClub has helped more than 1.5 million customers around the world get a new smile. By making orthodontics more affordable and less time-consuming, SmileDirectClub has made straight teeth accessible for all. And a smile you love can be yours in 4–6 months1 without large markups. 

A better smile turbocharges your confidence, according to a recent survey. Around 93% of people we asked – in other words, almost everyone – agreed that a straight and healthy smile increases self-confidence. Additionally, 94% agreed that more self-confidence improved overall mood and happiness and made them more likely to make other positive life changes. Yep, straightening your teeth can make self-confidence your superpower.

Through the end of January 2022, you can get a $15 impression kit (free after return), plus 6 months of free whitening with LED light, by using code NEWYEAR2022 at 


Typical SmileDirectClub treatment plans are 4–6 months. See for details. Results may vary. 





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