smiledirectclub unboxing what's inside invisible aligners box

SmileDirectClub unboxing: What’s inside the new SmileDirectClub box?

SmileDirectClub’s clear aligners box has everything you need to get a smile you’ll love.

smiledirectclub unboxing what's inside invisible aligners box

Welcome to the Club. We’re so excited to help you get that straight, bright smile you’ve always dreamed of. Your duly licensed dentist or orthodontist will be with you every step of the way, and we recently redesigned our big blurple box of invisible aligners to make your smile journey easier than ever before.

First things first. See that sticker on the front of your open box? It’s reusable, to keep your aligners stored nice and neat inside the box throughout your smile plan. No peeking. Don’t pull out all your aligners, just your next set. We’ve organized everything for you, and we’ve already verified that your aligners are correct.

Now, let’s see what’s inside this beautiful blurple box.

smiledirectclub unboxing what's inside invisible aligners box

1. Clear aligners

SmileDirectClub’s custom-made, BPA-free clear aligners will gently and safely straighten your teeth over time. Your first set of aligners will be labeled, along with each subsequent set. Grab that first pack and double-check to make sure it’s the right one. But remember, don’t pull out all your aligners. We’ve kept this box nice and organized for you.

2. Aligner case

This handy container stores and protects your invisible aligners from puppies and other seek-and-destroy monsters. Always store your aligners in this case whenever you take them out to eat or drink anything other than cool water.

3. bright on™ premium teeth whitening

We also include 4 bright on premium teeth whitening pens as an added bonus. Read the enclosed bright on guide for instructions and use your whitening pens at any point during your treatment. Just 5 minutes in the morning and evening for 1 week gets your teeth to their whitest white. Results last for up to 6 months, and you can always buy more at our SmileDirectClub online store.

4. Lip balm

You’ll love our favorite moisturizing vanilla lip balm. Trust us, you’re going to want more.

5. Smile Stretcher

Use this to take photos for your 90-day check-ins with your doctor. (Or to scare your roommate.) Store it conveniently inside your box.

6. Aligner tools

Your Outie tool will help you remove your aligners. Use one hook to pull lower aligners up and off teeth. Use the other hook to pull upper aligners down and off teeth. Never pull outward with the Outie tool, it will damage your aligners. Do not use to catch extremely tiny fish. Use caution when removing aligners to prevent damage. Do not use force when using the Outie tool.

Movemints help “seat” your aligners in place. When you first put in your aligners, you may notice that they are not fully seated on your teeth. Chew the Movemints and move them from one side of your teeth to the other to make sure your aligners are fully set. They’ll help to freshen your breath at the same time!

An emery board is included so you can smooth out any edges for your personal comfort.

7. Truths to grin by

These cards have inspiring quotes to make you :). You’ve got this, grinner.

smiledirectclub unboxing invisible aligners box

Next steps

Go online right away for your first check-in at Now we’ll be able to remind you when to change to your next aligners. We’ll also be able to remind you about your 90-day check-ins with your doctor.

When you finish your smile plan in a few months, don’t add the box to a landfill. Take out that white drawer where your aligners were and flip it around. Now you’ve got a nifty thing to hold stuff that makes you smile.

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