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SmileDirectClub reviews: One year later with the #WhatMakesMeSmile contest winners

We’re checking in with our SmileDirectClub contest winners who starred in a major commercial on national TV!  

It’s been a year since we announced our #WhatMakesMeSmile contest winners and flew them out to star in our commercial. One year ago, we asked what makes you smile, and we chose three customers to come visit the SmileDirectClub headquarters and share their SmileDirectClub reviews on an all-expenses-paid trip to Nashville!  

What’s new with now-TV stars 😉 and real SmileDirectClub customers Vincetta, Nicole, and Stacey? We checked in with them to find out what life’s been like since we met them in Nashville – from new houses and new babies to graduation – and what it was like to show off their new smiles on TV. 

How do you feel about your new smile one year later? 

VincettaMy smile journey has been great this past year. My teeth still look amazing! I STILL love looking at my smile and am glad I went through SmileDirectClub to get it.  

Nicole: I still love my smile! I wear my retainers every night, they are a part of my life!

What advice do you have for someone starting their own smile journey? 

StaceyMy advice for anyone thinking of starting their smile journey is go for it, it helps in making you feel more confident with yourself. 

Nicole: Advice I would give someone would have to be “Do it now, because you won’t regret it.” I seriously hated my smile and struggled with my gap teeth for soooo many years. Every prom and dance in high school, high school graduation, college graduation, my wedding, the birth of my daughter – all of those memories, and I hid my smile in all of them because I was ashamed of my mouth. If only SmileDirectClub was around years ago. My only regret was not finding the company sooner. It is honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made.  

What was your favorite part about visiting Nashville?  

NicoleMy favorite thing about Nashville was by far the food. I am a huge foodie, so we tried so many new places (Biscuit LoveAnother Broken EggMike’s Ice Cream, and Puckett’s were some of my favorites). Nashville has a lot of dives, and it’s cool there is live music just about everywhere.   

StaceyMy favorite part about Nashville was everything; I loved the culture there and how everyone is so friendly, the food there was amazing, and just meeting everyone at SDC was a great experience. 

What was it like seeing yourself on TV? 

VincettaSeeing myself on TV was awesome! But what’s more awesome is even still, I get a message on Facebook, YouTube comment, random people at my job, etc. every day telling me they saw me on TV, telling their spouses they know me and work with me, or asking me, “Is that you on the teeth commercial? I saw someone that looks just like you on there.” I thought that it would last maybe a few short months, but here we are a year later, and even as I write this I am getting messages from people exclaiming, “I see you on TV all time! You’re famous!”  

Nicole: It was incredible to be in a commercial. I still have people ask if I’m in a commercial. Just yesterday, an old classmate messaged me and said, “I swear I just saw you on TV.” It honestly seems surreal, though, it’s hard to believe that is really me. It seems so long ago! 

Any advice for feeling more confident? 

VincettaMy advice for staying confident is simply be happy with yourself, love yourself, be good to yourself. You are worth the world! 

Stacey: My best advice for feeling confident is do what makes you happy and ignore all the negative comments and bad vibes from others. If you listen to all the people talking around you, you end up living to please others and losing your own happiness in the process. With happiness comes confidence, and as long as you’re confident with yourself, others around you will see that.  

NicoleMy best advice for staying confident is to never compare yourself to others. Everyone is different and unique. There is no other you out there, so don’t let comparison steal your joy.  

What makes you smile now? 

Stacey: Being grateful for everything in my life, all the opportunities that have come. I just feel truly blessed right now in my life, and those blessings make me smile.  

NicoleWhat makes me smile now is my family and my wonderful life. I am so blessed beyond measure. I aim to be present and soak in every little moment of life!   

Vincetta: I still smile about the same things as before. Seeing people prosper, seeing people strive and achieve their goals, seeing people love one another. This does and will always make me smile. Just now I do it with a more complete, beautiful one. 

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