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SmileDirectClub Customer Reviews and Results

More and more people are transforming their smiles with SmileDirectClub every day. We know how important it is to hear from past customers when making a decision about straightening your teeth. To make it easy for you, we’ve put together a few of our most recent customer reviews, so you can hear what other customers are saying and see their results for yourself!

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Tiffany S.

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“Upon completing research on which type of braces I thought would be best suited for me, I concluded that SmileDirectClub was the one! Why? Because the online customer service that I received was outstanding, as well as the cost compared to other in-office orthodontists.

“However, initially I was skeptical of the entire process because I didn’t know what to expect from an online orthodontic provider, but the customer care representatives reassured me on numerous occasions. Yet, without a shadow of a doubt, my results have been nothing short of remarkable and I would recommend SmileDirectClub to any individual who is looking for braces (invisible aligners) for just a fraction of the cost.”

Melissa R.

sdc before and after melissa

“I am beyond happy I chose SmileDirectClub over other very expensive options. Treatment was hassle free and easier than what I imagined! The SmileDirectClub team is very helpful, and they are there every step of the way. I am very satisfied with my results, feeling confident, and no longer hiding my smile!”

Rachel J.

sdc before and after rachel

“I had had braces previously but lost my retainers and never replaced them! So my teeth had started to shift, and I wasn’t happy with how they looked. At 40+ years old I didn’t want to go through metal braces again, so I started to research invisible ones. Well the other options were just too much money so I continued my search and came across SmileDirectClub. Invisible braces at a fraction of the cost!! Wow too good to be true?? NO… From beginning to end my experience with SmileDirectClub has been amazing.

“I sent off for the evaluation kit, which arrived very quickly, pretty easy, everything step by step. Returned my molds and received my feedback very quickly.

Customer care is outstanding. Phone calls answered very quickly and very helpful staff. Emails also answered very quickly. I received my invisible aligners and started my journey to straighter and whiter teeth (I also got complimentary whitening gel, which I could use with my aligners! Super easy). Customer care emailed me every time my aligners needed to be changed, so I never forgot. The time flew by and now my teeth look so much better than they did before. Bonus… Nobody knew I was wearing them!

“I’ve had a lot of compliments about how great my smile is. I would highly recommend SmileDirectClub to anyone wanting to improve their smile.”

Brunna E.

sdc before and after 2

“I had dreamed about getting invisible aligners for many years. I had visited my local orthodontist a couple times throughout the years and had never gotten a quote cheaper than $5000. It was only when I found out about SmileDirectClub that I could make my dream come true. At first I didn’t even think it was real, it was hard to believe. I had people telling me not to trust it since no one had heard about it before. I watched many interviews online and read a couple of articles about it. I decided to give it a shot, and I’m so glad I did because I couldn’t be any happier! I have just finished my 8-month treatment and have the smile I’ve always wished for. Today, I have straight teeth! I recommend SmileDirectClub to all of my friends!

“When I first started wearing my aligners I felt at times claustrophobic and even crossed my mind that maybe I would not be able to do it. However, after a couple of weeks I got so used to wearing it that I would even forget that I had it on. Sometimes I caught myself double checking if I was really wearing my aligners. I believe that everyone can do it!”

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With SmileDirectClub, you can save up to 60% compared to other teeth straightening options. Many companies charge $5000 to $6000 to straighten teeth. SmileDirectClub customers only pay $1850 because they don’t have to worry about monthly visits. Instead, a duly licensed doctor prescribes and monitors treatment digitally. That’s thousands less than other options! Our evaluation kit is fully refundable if it turns out our aligners aren’t a fit for your smile. Take the first step toward your smile transformation with your free smile assessment today!

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