The perfect presents are in the stars with this SmileDirectClub gift guide

Want to give the perfect gift this holiday season? Look to the stars and our astrology gift guide

We look to the cosmos for everything from career advice to picking a mate, so why not let the zodiac help you pick the perfect holiday presents? Buying gifts for friends and family can be stressful, so taking a cue from their sun sign can help. Here are our top picks for each of the 12 signs.


Aquarians are free-spirited and eccentric, with a powerful desire to mold the world to their own vision. A teeth-whitening LED Accelerator Light will give the rebellious Aquarians in your life the gleaming grin they need to flash while changing the world, and will give it to them fast. These rebels don’t have time for time-consuming teeth whitening.


Water signs like Pisces have so much intuition they’re near psychics, so they know what happens to teeth that aren’t flossed. Crystal-visioned Pisces will love a Space Saver Countertop Flosser to cleanse their teeth with a powerful stream of water. The Space Save Countertop Flosser holds enough water for 120 seconds of flossing, providing 33% more cleaning time than its competitor.1 And it takes up half the space of the leading countertop model.1


Bold, ambitious Aries love to be number one, and being the GOAT doesn’t leave these cosmic rams the patience or time to clean a bunch of oral care items. Give the Aries in your life Universal Cleaning Tablets so they can multitask like a boss and clean aligners, retainers, sport mouthguards, toothbrush heads, and water flosser tips in one place. That way they can get back to ruling the planet.​


Taurus likes luxury, so give this cosmic bull the smile spa™ Ultrasonic and UV Cleaning Machine so they can cleanse their aligners effortlessly. All Taurus has to do is drop an aligner into the tank, and UV rays and ultrasonic waves do the cleaning work for them. Taurus can take a nap or read a book while the smile spa does the work. It’s like a spa day for smiles, perfect for a sign who likes to be pampered.​


Busy Geminis have so many interests they need to clone themselves to get it all done, which is why they’re symbolized by celestial twins. Give Geminis the Pop-Up Water Flosser, so they can floss on the go. This portable flosser has the cleaning power of a full-sized water flosser in a device that fits in a purse or toiletry bag. A single charge lasts a month, and it’s waterproof, so busy Gemini can even use it in the shower.


Like their celestial animal, the crab, Cancers have a gentle nature lurking beneath a hard exterior. Give this super-sensitive water sign a set of Premium Dissolving Teeth Whitening Strips. They’re ideal for people with teeth sensitivity, and they work twice as fast as the leading brand of teeth whitening strips.2


Vivacious Leos are the kings and queens of the jungle who love to treat themselves to life’s finer things. Give them SmileDirectClub’s Stain Barrier so they can keep their smile white while indulging in their favorite teeth-discoloring vices. Your favorite Leo can brush this Stain Barrier on their teeth to create an invisible force field against stains from food and drink. ​


Logical, practical Virgos are perfectionists who want their ducks in a row and their teeth gleaming. Give the Virgos in your life an Electric Toothbrush that will clean 50% better than a manual toothbrush.3 Our brush even has a quadrant timer to guide precision-loving Virgos to brush for just the right amount of time, with no overbrushing and no missed teeth.


Relationships are a big deal for Libras, an air sign who finds balance through companionship. They appreciate physical beauty in others and themselves, so Libras love to look good in case they encounter a hottie. Give the Libra in your life Vanilla Lip Balm, so they’ll always have flirt-ready, kissable lips.


Like fellow water signs, Scorpio is intuitive to the point of being clairvoyant. They know what they want and play 4D chess to an eventual checkmate. All this strategizing and mind-reading doesn’t leave time for small stuff like keeping track of their aligner case. So give Scorpio a Trackable Aligner Case with Tile™ so they can stay organized while they play the long game.


Oh, those Sags, the adventurers of the zodiac. They’re straight-up fire signs who chase geographic, intellectual, and spiritual thrills. Wanderlust fuels Sagittarians, and they’re happiest when they’re traveling the globe in search of their next new experience. Get the Sag in your life an Oral Care Travel Kit so they can keep their smile happy on the road.


Like the mythical sea goat that symbolizes them – a sort of goat mermaid – Capricorns are adaptable souls who can do whatever needs to be done. They have a can-do attitude, and nothing distracts determined Capricorns from reaching their goals. Give hyper-focused Capricorns on your list a Pro Whitening System so they slay with gleaming white teeth.

1Vs. the leading countertop flosser. See for details.

2Results and wear time vs Crest 3D Classic White Whitestrips when used for 7 days. Results may vary.

3Compared to standard round filaments



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