The perfect presents are in the stars with this SmileDirectClub gift guide

We look to the cosmos for everything from career advice to picking a mate, so why not let the zodiac help you pick the perfect holiday presents? Buying gifts can be stressful, so taking a cue from their sun sign can help. Here are our picks for each of the 12 signs.


Aquarians are free-spirited and eccentric, with a powerful desire to mold the world to their own vision. A Teeth Whitening LED Accelerator Light will give the rebellious Aquarians in your life a gleaming grin to flash while changing the world. These rebels don’t have time for slow and poky teeth whitening. They’ve got a revolution to start.


Water signs like Pisces have so much intuition they’re practically psychics, so they know what happens to teeth that aren’t flossed. Crystal-visioned Pisces will love a Water Flosser to cleanse their teeth with a powerful stream of water, perfect for the zodiac’s most powerful water sign.


Bold, ambitious Aries loves to be No. 1, so these audacious rams don’t have the patience or time to fool with unseated aligners. Give the Aries in your life Movemints, so they can multitask with mints that keep their aligners in place, breath fresh, and Smile Journey™ on track while they strive to rule the world.


Serene Taureans are pleasure-seekers who like to relax in comfortable environments. These cosmic bulls like any physical manifestation of luxury, so give them a smile spa™ Ultrasonic + UV Cleaner that lets them clean their aligners by simply dropping them in a bacteria-blasting bath. Ultrasonic waves and UV light do the scrubbing while they chill.


Busy Geminis have so many interests they need to clone themselves to get it all done. That’s why they’re symbolized by celestial twins. Give super-busy Geminis the Club Edition Electric Toothbrush, a 2-in-1 tool that cleans aligners and teeth. The Club Edition toothbrush has a pair of detachable brush heads: one designed to clean aligners, the other designed to clean teeth. Twin brush heads for the twins of the zodiac. How perfect is that?


Like their celestial spirit animal, the crab, Cancers have a gentle, fragile nature lurking beneath a hard exterior. Intuitive Cancers can pick up the energies in a room, so this super-sensitive water sign will appreciate a tube of Sensitivity Premium Fluoride Toothpaste to repair, strengthen, and protect their sensitive smiles.


Vivacious Leos are the kings and queens of the jungle. They love to be in the spotlight and celebrate themselves. Give them a Clip-on Selfie Light so they’re ready for their close-up. Because you know when they complete their Smile Journey™ they’re going to break the Internet showing off their fabulous smile.


Logical, practical Virgos are perfectionists who want their ducks in a row and their teeth super clean. Give the Virgos in your life an Electric Toothbrush that will clean their teeth 50% better than a manual toothbrush. Our brush even has a quadrant timer to guide precision-loving Virgos to brush for just the right amount of time, with no over-brushing and no missed teeth.


Relationships are a big deal for Libras, an air sign who finds balance through companionship. They appreciate physical beauty in others and themselves, so Libras love to look good in case they encounter a hottie. Give the Libra in your life Vanilla Lip Balm, so they’ll always have flirty, kissable lips.


Like fellow water signs, Scorpios are intuitive to the point of being clairvoyant. They know what they want and play 4D chess to orchestrate an eventual checkmate. They also love keeping tabs on their favorite people. Now they can keep track of their aligners too. Give your Scorpio a Trackable Aligner Powered by Tile so they can stay organized while they play the long game.


Oh, those Sags, the adventurers of the zodiac. They’re straight-up fire signs who chase geographic, intellectual, and spiritual thrills. Wanderlust fuels Sagittarians, and they’re happiest traveling the globe in search of their next new experience. Get the Sag in your life an Oral Care Travel Kit so they can keep their smile happy and healthy on the road.


Like the mythical sea goat that symbolizes them – a sort of goat mermaid – Capricorns are adaptable souls who can do whatever needs to be done. They have a can-do attitude, and nothing distracts determined Capricorns from reaching their goals. With their “greatest of all time” (GOAT) mentality, getting gleaming white teeth with our Pro Whitening System is sure to be welcome.

Shower your pals with cosmic love and appreciation – and a healthier, brighter, whiter smile. Let the cosmos be your guide.

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