The SmileDirectClub App Helps Club Members Navigate Their Smile Journey™

At SmileDirectClub, our experts have always been ready to guide you on your Smile Journey.

Whether you have a question about how your aligner fits or when to swap out an aligner, our team is always available for online chats, emails, video chats, and phone calls.

Now, we’re able to be more than guides you can call when needed—we’re your Smile Journey navigators. The new SmileDirectClub app gives you personalized guidance and more control over your treatment process so you can stay on track and get through your treatment as easily as possible. Wherever you and your phone go, SmileDirectClub goes, too.

It’s like having a doctor—and a cheerleader—in your pocket.

The app is available for US customers in both the App Store and Google Play Store. The app covers everything you need to know to get a straighter, brighter smile on the go. The SmileDirectClub app will take you by the hand and lead you through your treatment, from the day you open your blurple box of aligners to the day you unveil your new, confident smile.

Your Smile Journey Navigator

Staying on track with your treatment has never been easier. The SmileDirectClub app frees you from circling dates on your calendar and counting weeks on your fingers—we can be your official Smile Journey timekeeper instead.

Every time you open the app, you’ll find:

  • The details of your treatment plan, including which aligner you are on and how many more you have to go
  • The date you need to switch aligners
  • How many days remain in your treatment
  • Your New Smile ETA: the exact date your treatment ends and your new grin begins

The info is live and updates automatically, so you also know what mile marker you are at on the road to a better smile.

Best of all, you can get push reminders via text or notifications telling you when to switch or check your aligners. You’ll never miss changing your aligners again. Which means you’ll get the most out of your treatment—without having to stay glued to your calendar.

Answers at Your Fingertips

The SmileDirectClub app also gives you the info you need about your treatment, whenever you need it and wherever you are. Smile expertise is no longer something you only seek out when you’re having an issue, but helpful, accessible info you can engage with throughout your Smile Journey.

The app is packed with useful information. There are tips for making your aligners comfortable and a primer on your SmileDirectClub clear aligner tools—from the Outie Tool to Movemints—explaining what they are and how to use them.

There are also answers to typical first-time questions about aligners—questions you may never know you have until the aligners are in your mouth. Because for most people, your Smile Journey is a brand new experience; sometimes you don’t know what you need to ask until you really need the answer. No worries. Everything you need to know is waiting for you in the app.

You can even find out what to do when the question is a big one—like, “Oh no! I lost my aligners!” Don’t sweat it. Our in-app Aligner Guide is ready to walk you through next steps and get you back on track. With the app, you’re never alone on your Smile Journey.

Can’t find your question? SmileDirectClub has that covered, too. You can chat live, within the app, with a member of our Customer Care or Dental teams and tell them what you need. They’ll get it handled.

The SmileDirectClub app is a great way to stay tuned in to your SmileDirectClub treatment—so you get the straight teeth you’ve been waiting for. Club members in the United States can now download the app for their mobile device. We’re always working on new app features, so be on the lookout for more cool experiences to help you along your Smile Journey. Keep smiling, grinner, you got this.

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