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SmileDirectClub Actual Customer Reviews, Before & After

Are you looking for SmileDirectClub reviews from actual customers? We’ve compiled a few of our most recent testimonials complete with patient before and after photos to make it easy for you to see how SmileDirectClub works and hear from real patients on their experience with our product and our patient care staff.


Joanna C.

Actual patient results with SmileDirectClub

“Thank you so much for creating and providing a superior, budget-friendly product to straighten teeth.  From start to finish, the whole process was streamlined with customer service always readily available for any questions and concerns and very professional.

I had braces at a younger age, got a retainer, and lost it soon thereafter.  My teeth over the next several years shifted and got moderately crowded.  I did not want to get braces again nor spend the money that the competitor(s) in this category charge, so I was pleasantly surprised to find SmileDirectClub while doing a Google search. I was a bit apprehensive about an online, remote dentistry/orthodontic service, but those concerns were quickly allayed after speaking with the representatives about the product itself: how it’s made, the treatment process, official approvals, reviews, and other testimonials.

“The fact that you don’t need any additional attachments to your teeth (like the competitor), you don’t have to worry about numerous office visits, you have a much shorter length of treatment, and let’s not forget the lower cost, makes this treatment the best option by far!  The treatment went better than I thought and the aligners are not nearly the hassle I thought they would be. If you are questioning if this company, product/treatment is the way to go, I can tell you, you will not regret your decision to go with SmileDirectClub!  What an easy, convenient, and affordable way for straighter teeth!  Highly recommend!”

Karla C.

Actual SmileDirectClub Patient Review

“My teeth weren’t that bad, but the front teeth on both arches weren’t in the right place. At first I didn’t think it was possible to align my teeth from home, but I decided to give the opportunity to SmileDirectClub since it was a different concept. It was the best decision. All staff have been very professional, attentive, and my final results are how I always dreamed my teeth would look without having to pay thousands of dollars.”

Geobana J.

Actual patient review of SmileDirectClub

“I heard about SmileDirectClub through a beauty guru on YouTube, and after watching her video I decided to contact SmileDirectClub, and they got me started with the process right away. The process was super easy and if I ever had questions I never hesitated to email one of my patient care specialists who were so nice and helpful and they always responded quickly. The experience was great because we would communicate through emails or phone calls—no visits to the orthodontist office for a monthly check up. Instead I would email my patient care specialist pictures of my progress every month. I’m so happy with my results and I would definitely recommend SmileDirectClub to all my friends who are looking to get a straighter smile.”

Daniel M.

Before and after of SmileDirectClub patient

“I would 100% recommend SmileDirectClub to anyone looking for straighter teeth at a much more affordable price than the competition. The staff answered all of my questions in a very helpful and friendly manner. The steps are very easy to follow and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my new teeth.

Rebecca K.

SmileDirectClub Patient Results

“SmileDirectClub has been a lifesaver for me! I have a very demanding work schedule in addition to being a busy mother of two. I kept putting off fixing the gap in my teeth due to time and money, but SmileDirectClub made the process easy and most importantly, affordable! Now my teeth look amazing! Thank you SmileDirectClub!”

Transform Your Smile

With SmileDirectClub, you can save up to 60% compared to other teeth straightening options. Many companies charge $5000 to $6000 to straighten teeth. SmileDirectClub patients only pay $1850 because they don’t have to worry about monthly visits. Instead, a duly licensed doctor prescribes and monitors treatment digitally. That’s thousands less than other options! Our evaluation kit is fully refundable if it turns out our aligners aren’t a fit for your smile. Take the first step toward your smile transformation with your free smile assessment today!

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