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SmileDirectClub Actual Customer Reviews, Before & After

Are you looking for SmileDirectClub reviews from actual customers? We’ve compiled a few of our most recent testimonials complete with patient before and after photos to make it easy for you to see how SmileDirectClub works. This is where you can hear from real patients about their experience with our product and our patient care staff.


“Smile transformation!!! Started May 2019- October 2019. I am so happy with my results and finally feeling confident with my smile! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to smile but never felt great about what I saw in return and now I do! Yay! @smiledirectclub thanks for giving me the smile I’ve always wanted! 💜”

Nazli S.

“I’m done with my 6 month @smiledirectclub treatment and I can’t tell you how happy my teeth make me! 😁 I know I should’ve taken a picture like this when I first got the box but I was too anxious to start it and didn’t know if it would turn out exactly the way they said. Guys, IT DID 😱 I’m putting up some sort of a “before and after” pic as well so that you can see the difference. Even though I wore regular braces when I was a teenager, because I neglected wearing my retainers they sort of went back to being crooked and I have been self conscious about my smile for yeaaaaars. This took only 6 months and I’m telling you it changed the way I feel. I’m more confident, I smile more, if you can believe it 😆 and I’m not worried to smile wiiiide for pictures. So SO happy!!!”

William V.

“I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen that Smile Direct Club is legit! I’ve been wearing my aligners since January and the difference is unbelievable! This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Kristine L.

“I was very apprehensive to try Smile Direct Club at first. After visiting your facility and talking with the nice ladies, there, I was excited to participate. After wearing the aligners for five months, the space between my front teeth is completely gone, and my smile is better than ever! I highly recommend Smile Direct Club. By the way, I’m 67 years old!😁”

Kevin C.

“Never really posted a before and after of my smile, 7 months!!! What a difference!!! No regrets!!! Love the change!!”

Holly H.

“My Transformation with @smiledirectclub and I love my results so far! They have been so helpful, and kind through this whole process. I highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to feel confident with their smile 💜”

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