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Interview: Style Blogger Rachel Chen

SmileDirectClub loves bringing you exclusive content from some of our favorite smiley faces. With the hashtag #WhatMakesMeSmile being used on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, there are so many great followers to choose from! All of you motivate and inspire us with the unique ways you turn your frowns upside down with us. With that said, we’re excited to introduce this week Rachel Chen, a style blogger who asked to join the club just this month. Despite her busy, jet-setting schedule, Rachel was able to book and complete her scan session in our new Chicago SmileShop in less than an hour. Read all about it!

Hi, Rachel! We love how happy your photos make us. How would you describe your brand?

Thanks! My brand reflects the philosophies “carpe diem” and “le vie en rose.” Never in one place for too long, I try to inspire my followers to travel more and live fully. The direct translation of “le vie en rose” is “life in pink”. I view the world with rose-colored glasses. Adding a touch of pink to an outfit never hurt anyone!

What inspired your successful career as a blogger?

While many bloggers have a riveting story of how their career began, my story is less eventful. Three years ago, I started sharing photos of my life during my sophomore year of college. My photos started out as outfit flatlays, evolved into fashion photos, and metamorphosed into lifestyle. I was (and still am) extremely fortunate to have people interested in my life.

In three words, define your followers.

Aspirational. Motivated. Supportive.

Did you have metal braces as a kid?

Yes! My experience lasted 2 years of high school. Dealing with puberty and metal braces at the same time is not ideal. I remember physical discomfort during that time and being disappointed with the results after.

What do your followers find most attractive about SmileDirectClub?

The convenience and price of SmileDirectClub are win-win! You only need to go to the SmileShop once, not every month. I think that being able to transform your teeth (at a fair price) without noticeable metal braces is revolutionary.

How do you expect to feel after your new smile journey with SmileDirectClub?

I expect to feel relieved. Many people don’t know this, but I have been self-conscious about my smile – two teeth in particular. I can’t wait to gain confidence in my smile.

What should those interested in starting their new smile journey expect from a scan session?

People should expect to feel relaxed – your SmileShop experience is like no dentist appointment. The conversation with my technician, Priyanka, was lighthearted and full of laughter.

Whose smile has had the biggest impact on who you are today?

One of my blog followers whom I met at a cafe! Her and I are both vacationing in Korea at the moment. How cool is it that we were both in the same cafe at the same time?

What advice would you give those who feel they’d benefit from a smile they love?

I say, “Go for it!” You only have one life, so why not live with your best smile? I believe that everyone’s life should be filled with laughter. I guarantee you will smile and laugh brighter with a set of perfect teeth.

Thanks, Rachel! Be sure to follow Rachel Chen on her Instagram and blog to check out her smile journey with SmileDirectClub, plus her latest style tips and stylish trips across the globe.


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