Kyle Wailes SmileDirectClub CFO

Smile Direct Club CFO on the bright future ahead of the Company

Smile Direct Club’s CFO Kyle Wailes joined Yahoo! Finance Live to discuss the Company’s quarterly earnings results for Q4 2020 and long-term strategy for growth.

In his interview, Wailes outlines several key initiatives that the Company is focused on to address its enormous untapped market potential around the world.

  1. Growing the Smile Direct Club Partner Network

In 2020, Smile Direct Club launched its Partner Network to give consumers the option to get started directly from a dentist chair and doctors the option to offer Smile Direct Club aligner therapy to their patients. The company has since grown the Partner Network to include 1,000+ affiliated practices with partnerships with Smile Brands, DECA Dental, and more.

  1. Expanding internationally

Smile Direct Club is a global oral care leader with a presence in 12 markets around the globe. An estimated 85% of people worldwide could benefit from orthodontic care, yet less than 1% receive it each year, with cost being the biggest issue. Smile Direct Club has plans to launch in additional markets throughout the year.

(Source: An independent study. Data on file at Smile Direct Club.)

  1. Growing Smile Direct Club Teen

The Company launched an offering specifically for Teens in 2020 and will continue to increase its efforts to grow its share of orthodontia’s largest market.

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