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What is a 3D scan?

One of the best parts about SmileDirectClub is that you can get started with a 3D scan.

The 3D scan of your mouth is an easy and convenient alternative to an impression kit. Instead of taking your own photos and dental impressions, a SmileGuide – a trained dental assistant – captures a 3D image of your smile. That image will then be used to create your custom invisible aligners to straighten your teeth.

How does the 3D scan work?

Head to your local SmileShop for an easy, 30-minute scan with one of our experienced SmileGuides. For a limited time, the 3D scan is FREE in select markets. How’s that for an easy way to get started?

The SmileGuide will use a handheld 3D camera that takes 6,000 photos per second (yep, per second) to create a digital map of your smile. They’ll glide the camera over your teeth to make sure they capture every part of your smile. Once your scan is complete, it’s sent to a duly licensed dentist or orthodontist in our network who will evaluate your smile. The doctor overseeing your case will then create your personal treatment plan, which will show you how your new smile will look.

Who are the SmileGuides?

Our SmileGuides come from a variety of backgrounds and are trained to efficiently and accurately capture a 3D image of your smile. Many of our SmileGuides are registered dental assistants or dental hygienists. We actively monitor and evaluate the quality of their work, including your experience. Our SmileGuides are able to answer any questions you have about our service, our process, and our technology, as well as most questions about straightening your smile using invisible aligners.

What happens after my 3D scan?

Your 3D scan is the beginning of your journey toward your new grin. The smile you’ll love is only a few steps away. Learn more about what happens after your SmileShop visit in this blog post.

Where is the closest SmileShop?

We have more than 200 SmileShops across the country, with new ones opening every week. You can find the full list of locations here. And check out this behind-the-scenes video for a look inside our SmileShops.

If you’re not in a scanning market, don’t worry. You can still transform your smile affordably with our easy, at-home impression kit. The kit is completely risk-free. If our licensed dentists and orthodontists determine you’re not a good candidate for SmileDirectClub, we’ll refund you the cost of the kit.

Get started on your new smile today with our free smile assessment below.

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