‘I have never been more secure and more confident’: Riman gets a new smile

Some people make New Year’s resolutions to eat healthy or to stop bad habits. Riman’s resolution for 2020 was to get a new smile.

“I told myself, ‘Hey, why not start off a new year with a new smile? It’ll be something good to look back at,’” says Riman, who works as an EMT. “And then Covid hit 3 months later, which was crazy. So 2020 was definitely a year to remember for me.”

Riman was insecure about taking photos, feeling uncomfortable with the gaps in her teeth.

“Often I would keep my mouth closed, even when smiling,” she says. “Sometimes I’d laugh in front of people, and I’d like, you know, try to hide it.”

Riman first found SmileDirectClub through social media. But it was when a coworker started using SmileDirectClub to remove a gap in his teeth that Riman really took notice.

“I saw his 2 front teeth close up before my eyes,” she says. “I was convinced.”

‘It happened all so quickly’

She immediately made an appointment to get a free 3D image at her local SmileShop. Overall, Riman says, starting the SmileDirectClub process through to getting her big blurple box of clear aligners – was super easy. Riman was excited to see her teeth shift week over week.

“It happened all so quickly,” she says.

Riman credits SmileDirectClub with boosting her self-confidence and self-image.

“After I went through this process and I fixed my teeth, I have never been more secure and more confident,” she says. “And I’m always smiling, always taking pictures, always doing anything that involves taking pictures because how much I love (my smile). And it has definitely changed my life for the best. I feel like a whole new me because of how confident I’ve become. And it’s crazy how much a smile can do for somebody.”

Having a new smile helps her laugh more, Riman says.

“It helps me be more social because I’m not shy of showing my teeth, and I couldn’t be more happy about it,” she says.

For Riman, starting Smile Journey™ in 2020 was “life changing.” And she urges others to take the plunge.

“Your smile means so much more than you think,” she says. “Because it’s what you use to communicate to express your feelings, your personality, everything. And if you don’t like your smile, this is your chance to change it, and it will make a world of a difference.”

The SmileDirectClub Lifetime Smile Guarantee™

SmileDirectClub kept its promise that she would get a smile she loves. When she finished her original treatment plan, Riman felt like her teeth weren’t as straight as she wanted them to be and she could still feel a slight gap when she glided her tongue along her teeth.

“I felt like (my smile) could be tightened a little more, the teeth could be closer together, they can be a little straighter,” she says. “So, I contacted SmileDirectClub and the response was so quick. They were happy to help me.”

Within weeks, SmileDirectClub approved Riman for an aligner touch-up and sent her new aligners.

“It was super, super, super quick, and I was so happy. It was at no cost which was amazing. And it definitely did make my teeth tighter and even straighter than imagined. It was the perfect smile I have been looking for.”

A picture-perfect wedding

Riman’s love for her new smile also means she takes better care of her teeth than ever before.

“When you go through a journey this long to achieve a smile you’ve wanted your whole life, you start paying more attention to your teeth,” she says. “You want to maintain your perfect smile because if you start being careless again, you’re just gonna go backwards and then what’s the point? So definitely SmileDirectClub has made me more aware of my teeth and how to take better care of them.”

To help with her new oral hygiene routine, Riman bought the Water Flosser from SmileDirectClub.

“I use it religiously, and it’s definitely made a big difference in my life,” she says.

Riman's wedding day

Riman started the next big chapter of her life with her new smile, getting married in June 2021. She’s thankful that she made the decision 2 years ago to finally make her smile a priority.

“If I had not gone with SmileDirectClub, I would not know how my day would have gone, because I would have been insecure taking my wedding pictures,” she says. “My big day was perfect because I was so secure about my smile, and I was smiling the whole day. And it was all perfect.”

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