Introducing SmileDirectClub’s Pro Whitening System

Bright, white teeth can give you a confidence boost like nothing else.

Getting your teeth that oh-so-desirable shade of white used to be pricey and time-consuming. In-home tooth whitening kits can cost as much as $150 and require you to walk around with strips in your mouth. Whitening treatments offered by dentists can cost hundreds of dollars, and you have to trek across town to their office for a long appointment to do them.

Good news, seekers of white teeth: SmileDirectClub had added a new offering to our existing whitening suite and oral care products that makes it easier, faster, and more affordable than ever to turn your teeth from dull to dynamite. SmileDirectClub’s new Pro Whitening System can get your teeth up to nine shades whiter in just one week. Yep, seven days to a dramatically whiter, brighter smile. Best of all, you can get those professional-quality results for your smile at home—no traveling to dental offices required.

Get a gleaming grin in just seven days

The Pro Whitening System is the latest addition to SmileDirectClub’s award-winning line of whitening products. The Pro Whitening System uses an innovative, three-step process to whiten your smile that’s comparable to the whitening treatments offered by dentists. The secret to its effectiveness? While most in-home whitening kits just come with tooth whitener gel, SmileDirectClub’s Pro Whitening System includes two additional tools: a special toothpaste that prepares the tooth’s surface for optimal absorption, so the whitening gel is more effective, and a whitening extender gel that smooths the tooth’s surface and protects your newly whitened teeth from new stains. It’s no wonder SmileDirectClub’s Pro Whitening System works faster and delivers whiter teeth faster than other at-home treatments.

Here’s how SmileDirectClub’s Pro Whitening System works:

  1. Brush your teeth with ProActivate whitening accelerator toothpaste.

smiledirectclub pro system

This berry-flavored toothpaste deep-cleans your teeth, breaks up stains, removes plaque, and prepares your teeth to get a lot whiter, a lot faster by making their surface enamel better able to absorb the whitening gel you’ll use in the next step.

  1. Apply ProBrighten whitening gel, and wear SmileDirectClub’s patented 20-LED accelerator light for five minutes.

Some whitening systems require you to wear an accelerator light in your mouth for as long as 30 minutes. Can you say, “time-consuming?” The Pro Whitening System works faster because the ProActivate toothpaste deep-cleans your teeth, allowing the gel to enter the enamel, cover your teeth, and lift the stains faster. ProBrighten gel is made with the same enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists, and it works through the power of chemistry: The gel contains hydrogen peroxide that breaks down the molecular bonds of stains on your teeth. The 20-LED light speeds up the chemical reactions that remove those stains. The result is whiter teeth, faster.

  1. Apply ProLong whitening extender gel.

This is the last step, done after your last treatment. The ProLong gel smooths the surface of your newly whitened teeth, so food and drink don’t stick to them and make new stains. It slows down plaque formation, too. Stains stick to plaque, so keeping plaque away keeps your teeth whiter, longer. Plus, unlike other whitening options out there, the ProLong gel is made for sensitive teeth, so you can use it without the risk of painful sensitivity.

Your teeth stay white for up to six months

You can complete the Pro Whitening System treatment in one week. Yep, your teeth will be up to 9 shades whiter in just seven days.

The treatment takes less than 35 minutes per day: Apply the whitening gel and wear the accelerator light for five minutes, twice a day. The total time it takes you to achieve a brilliant smile—we’re counting time spent brushing and wearing the accelerator light—is about two hours, spread over a week. And then you’re set for six months.

Then, your teeth stay white for up to six months, thanks to that the protective power of ProLong whitening extender gel.

You can buy SmileDirectClub’s new Pro Whitening System at and at more than 3,600 Walmart stores across the United States. The new system gives you an easy and long-lasting way to make your smile white, bright, and beautiful, without leaving home.

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