Power of a smile: Lynn says SmileDirectClub was ‘no stress’

It happens to a lot of people. They get braces as teens, but don’t always wear their retainers. By the time they reach adulthood, their teeth have shifted back. But now their busy schedule can make it difficult to get back the smile they love.

That’s what happened to Lynn. She had braces as a teen and had perfectly straight teeth. But she didn’t keep up wearing her retainers. So over the years, her smile changed back.

“All of my teeth started shifting around. And I noticed in all of my pictures, I wasn’t smiling anymore. So I didn’t have as much confidence,” she says.

Lynn wanted to get back that smile she had worked so hard for in her teen years. But she didn’t have the kind of time now that she had as a teen.

Now as an adult, Lynn juggles working as an academic counselor with parenting her three month old child. She wanted an option to realign her teeth that wouldn’t add to her busy schedule. She saw an ad for SmileDirectClub on TV, and decided to give it a try.

As a new mom, the convenience of SmileDirectClub appealed to Lynn. She liked that SmileDirectClub’s aligners were delivered directly to her home.

“One of the biggest factors was that I didn’t have to go in (to see a dentist). I was trying to save my hours so I could take time off to be with my child,” says Lynn. “There’s no stress. It’s easy.”

SmileDirectClub’s friendly and helpful customer service was also a big plus for Lynn. “If I need consultation or to talk to anyone, I can just message them on my phone. And I would get a reply right away,” she says. “It’s like you were talking to a friend.”

After 5 months of wearing SmileDirectClub’s clear aligners, Lynn’s confident smile was back, just in time for her to attend a wedding. For the first time in a long time, Lynn showed off her big, beautiful smile in photos.

“It was exciting to see it. And I posted it everywhere, cause it was my first picture with a smile,” recalls Lynn. “Your confidence will change once you see your smile change.”


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