Power of a smile: Jolene says she can ‘can smile a little bigger’

The selfies did it. That’s when Jolene realized her teeth were a problem.

She had snapped photos of herself for what she called “an insanely special” event. But when she looked at the photos, the good feelings about the event were replaced with disappointment over the state of her smile.

“All I could see was my crooked front tooth,” Jolene says. “These kinds of negative feelings can really ruin your day, and it can ruin your life.”

Jolene had worn braces when she was a kid. But as she got older, her jaw changed and her right front tooth became crooked. It happens. Teeth straightened in your teens can move out of place as you age.

SmileDirectClub to the rescue

Jolene heard about a SmileDirectClub pop-up SmileShop coming to her city. So she went in to talk about straightening that uncooperative tooth. She had a lot of questions, but the SmileGuide who helped take her 3D image answered all of them.

“There was no judgment,” Jolene says. “She was wearing aligners, so she told me a lot of personal stuff about her experience, and it made me really comfortable.” Jolene signed up for her Smile JourneyTM on the spot. She learned from the SmileGuide how to snap in her aligners, how to clean them, and how the treatment plan would work.

Jolene liked getting the whole set of aligners at once instead of having to go into an orthodontist’s office to get a new pair of aligners every few weeks.

“Taking care of the aligners was very easy,” she says. “They’re numbered, and you just pull the next one out of the box and snap it in.”

She was also pleased with how comfortable they were. “After a while you forget you’re wearing them,” Jolene says.

The magic moment

About midway through her treatment, Jolene looked in the mirror and saw something magical. Her front tooth was straighter. “The crooked tooth that was like the bane of my existence for so long suddenly was not so crooked anymore,” she says. “I knew then the treatment was successful, it was working.”

Jolene completed the treatment, wears her retainers, and now has a smile that’s ready for selfies.

“I am extremely happy with the results,” she says. “I can let loose a little more, I can smile a little bigger. I feel like a weight has been lifted.”


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