Power of a smile: Jerreth’s smile is a ‘confidence booster’

Jerreth had always been told he had a nice smile, but he had gaps in his teeth and a crooked tooth that always bothered him.

“I would laugh, smile, then catch myself really fast, like, ‘Oh, I probably shouldn’t do this,’” he says.

Then he heard about SmileDirectClub through friends. They posted their results on social media, and he thought it could be a good way for him to straighten his teeth too.

To kick off his treatment, he went to his local SmileShop, where he was able to get impressions taken of his smile.

“Going to the SmileShop was very convenient. There was one 15 minutes away from my job,” he says, “so I ran over, got my impressions done, got my pictures taken.”

Those impressions were then used to create his custom aligners.

Noticing a new smile within weeks

Within a month, he had received his big blurple box, filled with everything he would need to use during his treatment, including the aligners that would straighten his teeth. The box also contained a free teeth whitening kit.

Within weeks, he started to see his new smile taking shape.

“Within the first month I started noticing results,” he says. “I started noticing all my gaps closing. Seeing that change, noticing that change also makes you want to keep up with the treatment.”

He had regular Smile Check-ins™, which allow SmileDirectClub’s Dental Care team to track the progress of his aligners virtually, using photos of his teeth. That way, if there was an issue, they could catch it so that his prescribing doctor could adjust his treatment accordingly.

“I never thought my smile would be this good, I’m not going to lie,” Jerreth says. “A lot more people notice my smile now. Even on the street or on the subway sometimes, someone will come up to me and say, ‘You know, you have a really nice smile.’ For a random stranger to come over and tell me that, it’s amazing.”


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