Power of a smile: Dan felt like he could be his authentic self

Dan disliked his smile so much that when he posed for photos, he posed with a straight face.

“I wasn’t confident in my smile and it was affecting my career as well,” he said. When he went on job interviews he was so self-conscious about his teeth he wouldn’t smile. This low confidence was affecting him during the interview process.

But Dan had a busy life and finding the time to devote to orthodontic appointments was a tall order. SmileDirectClub and its teledentistry platform fit into his schedule and made it possible for him to straighten his teeth.

“When I received the purple box, that was so well-thought out,” he said. “The instructions were super clear, super easy. I never felt alone during the journey.”

When his treatment ended, SmileDirectClub asked Dan if he was satisfied. He was mostly happy but felt there was still room for improvement. With SmileDirectClub’s Lifetime Smile Guarantee he was able to receive new aligners at no extra cost to ensure he got the smile he wanted.

“It’s very reassuring to work with a company like that, that goes the extra mile to make sure that everything is taken care of and that you’re not going to end the process until you’re completely happy,” he said.

Not long after his treatment ended he went on vacation. When he got home and looked at his photos, he saw something new.

“I was smiling in every picture. It looked like a toothpaste commercial,” he said. “I was so happy and I was so glad to show off my teeth.”


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