one-for-one dental program

One-For-One Dental Program Helps Impoverished Children Receive Care

SmileDirectClub believes businesses can make positive contributions to the world, and we know our customers want to make a difference, too. That’s why we’ve sponsored Global Dental Relief to provide dental care to impoverished children in Kenya through our one-for-one dental program. Our customers have made it possible.

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As of Oct. 1, 2015, for every aligner treatment purchased, we’ll provide one dental clinic visit through Global Dental Relief. Children will receive an exam, restorations or extractions as needed, a cleaning when possible, a fluoride treatment, sealants and instruction on how to care for their teeth, so they can maintain a healthier smile. For many children, these visits are the first cleaning they’ve ever had. Global Dental Relief recalls children every 2 years for long-term oral health.

Global Dental Relief was founded in 2001, and as of this summer, they’ve served more than 100,000 children thanks to more than 1,500 volunteers and over $20 million in donated care. The organization works with volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants and non-dental volunteers to provide treatment and preventive care in dental clinics serving children in schools, orphanages and remote villages near Kathmandu, Nepal; the mountains of India; the seaside of Vietnam; the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala; and the Karen Hills of Kenya, where each SmileDirectClub treatment plan purchased will become a dental visit for a child in need.

one for one program

A child with a healthy smile is much more likely to have a healthy life. Without proper care, children can develop gum disease, bone loss and infections. They struggle with sleeping, eating and school work. They lose their teeth, their smiles, their self-esteem.

With your help, we can get them the care they need. One aligner treatment for one dental visit. Thanks to you, it’s that simple.

Get started today with our free smile assessment so you can be on your way to a beautiful smile while helping ensure better oral health for a child in need.

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