Nick SmileDirectClub member

October SmileDirectClub members of the month

Get inspired by the latest Club members of the month (and tag @smiledirectclub in your photos for a chance to be featured).

It’s time to highlight more of our incredible Club members and their smile journey. We love hearing stories about how our invisible aligners create beautiful smiles and a lifetime supply of confidence to go with them. This month’s Club members include a few of the lucky winners from our 100th SmileShop contest.

At SmileDirectClub, we provide access to quality orthodontic care for the millions of people who need it. We understand the effect a confident smile can have on someone’s life, and we want your dream smile to be convenient and affordable. That’s it. Plain and simple. Get started today with a free, 30-minute visit to your local SmileShop.

Hearing stories of newfound confidence from our Club members makes us grin from ear to ear. Let’s take a look at the before photos of our winners so you can share in the smiles, too.

Colleen, wearing her first set of invisible aligners

Colleen SmileDirectClub club member

Daphney, starting her smile journey

Nick, getting his blurple box in the mail

Nick SmileDirectClub member

Adasha, ready to start her smile plan

Janelle, excited to transform her grin

Janelle SmileDirectClub member

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