smile direct club founders note

Note to SmileDirectClub Grinners

Dear Current & Future Grinners,

It’s no secret that we’ve been inundated with orders over the last few months. We’re grateful for the tremendous amount of growth we’ve experienced, and we’re thrilled that you’ve embraced our innovative approach to connecting dentists and patients as we continue to help revolutionize the dental industry. It means a lot to us, thank you. Our goal is, and always has been, to make you smile.

On behalf of SmileDirectClub and your treating dentist, we want to acknowledge and apologize that, as of late, you may have experienced a delay in receiving your aligners. We strive to provide dentists and their patients with the best service possible and, as part of that commitment, we’d like to fill you in on what we’re doing to address this issue.

SmileDirectClub’s custom aligners are crafted at our affiliated dental lab. To respond to the unanticipated and significant increase in orders from dentists over the last few months, we’ve been working around the clock to increase production capabilities. To address the delay, the lab has purchased additional equipment and hired over 150 people in the last 3 weeks as well as opened a 3rd shift. Every day the lab is hiring additional staff, working to streamline the production process and strengthening its quality control checks. We feel confident that this delay is temporary, and as a result of these investments, we expect to be out of the woods and back on schedule very soon.

To our future grinners, orders purchased today and moving forward will be back on the normal shipment schedule. The time it takes to get your impressions taken and reviewed by your dentist and then sent to the lab for production and quality assurance, the lab will be back up to speed.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and want to thank you again for being part of our exciting journey. We are 100% fully committed to doing whatever it takes to provide you with world-class customer service and the smile you deserve. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 800-277-2692 or email

Thank you,

Jordan Katzman & Alex Fenkell



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