Nigel Barker’s smile tips

It’s World Smile Week and we know firsthand that the world needs more smiles and kindness. (Seriously, we did a survey!). And since we’re all about the smiles and kindness here at SmileDirectClub, we’re taking things a step further with our social media kindness chain.

We want to inspire smiles all around and want you to get in on the fun, too, by sharing random acts of kindness all week. It doesn’t take much to be kind—flashing someone a smile or paying them a compliment goes a long way in making others feel great. But if you need a little incentive, we’ve got some celebrity power to help get things going.

Like who, you ask? Nigel Barker for one. Yep, that’s THE Nigel Barker made famous for capturing the best smiles—and smizes—as a celebrity photographer.

Nigel has partnered with SmileDirectClub to help us do what we do best, which is helping people get their best smiles. He’s offered up his pro tips for capturing the best smiles whether you’re taking a selfie or snapping a pic of your favorite peeps.

The key, according to Nigel, is to capture a natural-looking smile. These are his tips for doing just that:

  • Engage your subject and ask questions
  • Be spontaneous and create a distraction
  • Create a comfortable environment or give them a prop they love
  • The selfie! Believe in yourself, have self-confidence, and smile!

Since this week is all about inspiring more smiles, here are some other ways to put your best smile forward:

  • Stay on top of your oral health so you feel as good as your new smile looks
  • Take advantage of the many oral care products available to keep your smile healthy and beautiful
  • Keep your smile bright with teeth whitening
  • Be kind! It’s the best way to inspire all the feels and more smiles!

Happy World Smile Week!


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